99 Awesome White Tiles Design For Living Room

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White tiles are probably the most popular tiles in both traditional and modern interiors. They can look chic by themselves or in combination with any other color, with probably the best combination being white and black tiles.

Traditionally, white tiles have been used mainly in the bathroom. Nowadays, with the introduction and wider use of higher end white tiles, they are also used in the living or dining room, as well as kitchen.

There are three main types of white tiles – marble and some other natural stones, ceramic/porcelain, and innovative products such as White Crystal C1. The best types of white marble are top quality Thassos and Bianco Laza. Unquestionably, the presence of white marble in any space will give it luxurious look. The downside of white marble tiles is that their supply is limited, in particular in larger sizes, and the Bianco Laza quarry is now almost exhausted.

Other types of white marble come with veins. Most popular veiny white marble tiles are Bianco Carrara, Statuario, and Calacatta.

In additional to marble, there is white travertine, which can be another luxurious option. White travertine tiles come in different grades or qualities and the buyer is advised to see full size tiles before making a purchase. This advice holds for most types of natural stones, including marble.

White ceramic or porcelain tiles are used typically in budget interiors. Their supply is plentiful, which can be an advantage (easily acquired or replaced) or a disadvantage (if you are looking for more exclusive options). White ceramic tiles are typically easy to maintain and clean.

White Crystal C1 technical glass stone is a luxurious and hard-wearing white material, and tiles, like with natural stones, come in a polished or honed finish. Polished tiles are effectively zero maintenance. Honed finish requires care and advice should be from the supplier.

There are no supply limitations on White Crystal C1 tiles, unlike with white marble tiles. Also, large size tiles can be made to order. White Crystal C1 tiles are recommended for both commercial and residential interiors and can also be used for external cladding. Again, ask your supplier to give you necessary advice.

The choice of white tiles depends mainly on the aesthetics, application (where technical characteristics are important) and budget. For small areas, budget considerations are less important as the difference in the total price is less significant.


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