99 Beautiful Navy Blue And Coral Bedroom Decor

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Beach print comforters are great for a seasonal summer look and they never seem to be out of fashion. Surfing is a very popular theme for beach print comforters and some of the best come from Dakine Decor online. Their Surfer’s Bay range has a lovely sky blue beach print comforter which features squares filled with pictures of palm trees, beach buggies, shells and starfish. It’s bright and modern bedding which would give a lively atmosphere to your bedroom.

The Coral Shells beach print comforter has a richly-colored coral background on which there are patterns of shells and starfish in shades of pale yellow and white. You can also get this comforter in Blue Shells which has the shell pattern in white and looks very crisp and fresh. If you bring a happy beach vacation atmosphere to your bedroom you will remember all the times you were out in the fresh air having fun!

If you prefer more muted colors for your bedding you will like Coastal Living from Ocean Style. The bedding comes in pale pink and blue shades with a pattern of differently sized squares and rectangles, some with stripes and some with faux applique motifs of marine life. This beach print comforter has a lovely soft sea-washed look that makes it very pretty and feminine without being over-fussy.

The beach print comforter choices from Ralph Lauren include the classically chic Coral Beach which is a mixture of crisp white and soft pastel colors for relaxing and luxurious bedding based on Hollywood in the 1940’s. And the blue striped and patterned Key Largo comforter from Tommy Hilfiger is the type of bedding that brings the latest designer style to your room.

The Home Decor Company has plenty of choice in their beach print comforters section and the Bay Breeze is a very tasteful and eye-catching comforter. The background is a clear turquoise like the Mediterranean Sea glinting in the sunshine and it has a light and airy pattern inspired by damask in the color of hot, white sand. This bedding has a very fresh look will bring a touch of the bright ocean to your bedroom.

The Karen Maki range of beach print comforters includes rich dark blue bedding which also brings the ocean to your bedroom. This Coral Reef comforter features an undersea scene with marlins and other marine life swimming around in the deep blue water. The classic styling of the Tommy Bahama brand has created a sophisticated seaside theme in a smooth mid blue comforter with light blue striping called Little Harbor.

The Dean Miller Company has a very wide range of beach print comforters with matching bedding. The Back to California Surf comforter is an unusual and striking bed cover. It is a nostalgic pattern with hand-drawn and brightly colored scenes from the surfing beach displayed against a rich navy background. It calls you back to a time when life was taken at a slower pace and you could take your car right up to the beach!

The bright colors of the sky, sea and sand that feature on beach print comforters bring the outside in and make a summery complement to your bedroom in the warm weather. It’s easy to select bedding that matches the main colors of your bedroom and changing your Comfortes comforter with the seasons will freshen up your bedroom look. Of course, if you live a long way from the beauty of the ocean landscape or feel dreary in the dark winter days, why not get yourself a bright coral or aquamarine beach print comforter that will bring a touch of sunshine to your bedroom?