99 Adorable Garden Design Ideas With Low Maintenance

1 min read

I recently completely re-landscaped my garden with a little help from a few good garden books, read on to find out what I did.

Well I wanted a low maintenance, easy to look after design that would require as little input from me as possible. That’s because I’m quite lazy and don’t have a lot of time to spend cutting grass, weeding flowerbeds and doing all those other jobs that can take up so much time. Here’s what I did and you can do to if you want to have a great looking garden in the minimum amount of time spent each week.

First of all you need to get rid of that large open grass lawn, maybe with the kids swings a slide and maybe even a rotary airer, grass grows fast and needs mowing very often. But you can easily replace all that open grass with gravel or coloured paving slabs. And it’s easy to do, just dig up the grass to a depth of around 12 inches and pour on the gravel; you never need to mow again.

Next of all let’s take a look at the flower beds, they’ve got to go too, because they always need to be weeded, and re-planted and require loads of time. It’s also quite expensive to keep re-planting all those the roses and flowers, so here’s how to make your beds much less work.

Let’s get the gravel again, you need to choose a different colour or size to what you chose to replace the lawn, or use paving slabs as an alternative. You can plant shrubs or small bushes, or even miniature trees, in the gravel and they’ll grow very well.

I actually moved my rotary airer from the centre of may lawn into the gravel border during my conversion, it’s much easier to reach now and I can uses it even when the ground is muddy without getting my boots all covered in mud.

So if you’re thinking of changing your garden to something that needs much less time spent then take note of our pointers above. And remember it’s not just less time spent doing those tedious garden jobs, if you move your rotary dryer at the same time then you’ll save more than just gardening time. But take note that you should always use some plants because it’s good for the planet and stops the garden looking like a concrete jungle.