99 Inspiring Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

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The first thing to take into consideration when buying a chest of drawers is the type of wood you want the drawer unit to be made. This will affect not only its colour but also its value.

If you are purchasing an additional piece of furniture to your existing bedroom furniture then you have two choices. Both with there own advantages. The first choice is to choose a wood and colour which matches and contrasts with your existing bedroom furniture.

To do this you can search for the same variety of wood as you currently use. The second option is to use a completely new and different wood and colour. For example, if your existing furniture is oak then it will be light and neutral in colour.

To add variety and make the bedroom appear more interesting you can use a wood such mahogany which features a dark chocolate brown colour or you can use a cedar wood which features a natural red tint.

Once you have decided which wood and colour you want to use the next stage is to decide the style and design you want the chest of drawers in. Some people consider a chest of drawers to all be the same. However, there are many different designs and styles when it comes to drawer units.

With more and more people travelling and being exposed to different influences from around the world including Asian, Scandinavian and South American styles. For example, Asian furniture often features elements of bamboo and ornate styling whilst Scandinavian uses chunky, minimalist designs.

You can also use the style of chest of drawers to either blend or contrast with your existing furniture. If you feel you need to add variety you can use the same wood but use a completely different style.

Chest of drawers can offer a highly elegant addition to the bedroom which, if you choose, can stand out to provide a centre piece to the room. This is especially ideal and useful if you store expensive and personally prized possessions with the drawers, making it extra special to have within the home.

With so much quality and variety a chest of drawers can offer an amazing level of style and variety to your bedroom furniture.