99 Totally Inspiring Dorm Room Ideas For Your Inspirations

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Decorating your college dorm room can present some challenges. College dorm room ideas are limited by a few restrictions like size and maybe a roommate. These can be definite stumbling blocks for any really exotic or radical decorating ideas. It’s probably a good idea not to go too far out anyway since you are supposed to be studying in your this room too.

But the good thing about any college dorm room is it’s small and pretty cheap to decorate. And since you won’t have a lot of space, it shouldn’t be to tough to completely redo it if you get tired of your current décor. Sometimes small is good and little things can really change the look and feel to any small room.

There are a couple of good college dorm room ideas that are very easy to do and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. One good decor idea is to do a seasonal style that you can change as the seasons change. The good thing about this plan is that you get to redo your room every few months. That gives you some built in variety as the year goes by and can be fun and easy. Fall, winter, and spring can be expressed in many ways and colors.

You could also choose a sports décor that would change with the sports throughout the year. Use your school colors, references to the sport, and all the crazy paraphernalia that all sports teams offer. Team schedules, rosters, rally announcements and events, media articles about big games, and all even chief rivals. There’s a lot of ways to express your support for the teams and souvenirs from each game.

Even if you want to keep it simple there are easy ways to brighten up any room. Curtains, blinds, decorative wall hangings can all be color coordinated and offer some big impact. Throw pillows, different bedspreads, small rugs, and plants can totally change the appearance of any small space. Bulleting boards that are decorated to go with current holidays or seasons can add fresh color and you can get as creative as you want.

There’s a lot of creative ways to decorate if you think about it. One of the best examples I’ve seen of decorating was that someone did a motif of a political campaign and made their room look like a campaign headquarters. All the stuff was free and it was a great idea. Of course when the election is over you need to redo your room but that’s a good thing too.

Which brings us to decorating around any strong belief in a cause or special interest. If you’re a marathon runner, bicycle racer, ecology believer, or any other hobby or special cause can be a great theme for your room. Colors can be matched to the interest and there are always lots of posters and paraphernalia that can be used to decorate. Most are free so the price is usually right.

College dorm room ideas are all about expressing yourself. You can start the year with one idea and change anytime you feel like it. The whole point is to create a little identity and separate you from others. People go through a lot of changes in college and this is a great way to give you an outlet for expression. You might not want to go too crazy and stay within the guidelines of the dorm rules but you certainly can create your own personal area.

Be sure to take pictures of each different design for looking back at your college days. You will go through many changes and this is all part of the college experience. I look back now at my photos and cringe, laugh, and sometimes-just shake my head at what I see. But I had a lot of fun decorating my college dorm room and it wasn’t hard at all coming up with new college dorm room ideas every so often.