Easy Diy Projects For Your Dorm Room Design29
Easy Diy Projects For Your Dorm Room Design29

99 Easy Diy Projects For Your Dorm Room Design

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For college students, it’s the most exciting time of year. Classes are set to begin. That means a new schedule, new faces, new professors, and, on a slightly less positive note, a return to that dull, square living space – the dorm room.

But dorm life doesn’t have to be bland. Just because the walls are concrete block and the room is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some style to the cramped space. This can be done with a two-pronged approach:

1.) The Walls

2.) Accents.

The Walls.

The quickest way to spruce up your drab digs is to add color to the walls. Painting is hard work, expensive, messy and, in many college dorms, against the rules. But staring at dull concrete for the next semester will not do. The remedy? Self-adhesive wallpaper. This miracle product allows you to paper the walls with any style you like. It goes on easy. Simply peel off the adhesive layer and apply.

And most importantly, it comes off just as easily. Simply peel back a corner and pull. The paper peels off, leaving no sticky residue or glue to clean up. Not only is this perfect for when the term ends and you have to move out, but it also comes in handy when you feel like a change of pace. Midterms got you down? Spruce up your room with a new style of self-adhesive wallpaper and voila! Your mood brightens!


Now that the walls are exactly how you want them, it’s time to address the rest of the space. Nothing says boring and cold like a bare concrete floor. Find a nice, high pile rug to throw down. It looks nice, plus it adds warmth and helps with keeping the noise down so you can concentrate on your studies.

Next, the counter space. You will have a limited amount of space, and most of what you have will be taken up by books and your computer. But there will be a little open space here or there, and that is where you will want to add a nice accent gift that reminds you this space is yours.

This can range from a clock to a funky table lamp to a small sculpture or piece of art. Whatever it is, make sure it’s what makes that cramped dorm room feel like home, because home is exactly what it’s going to be until you ace that last final!


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