99 Cute Small Teen Bedroom Ideas

2 min read

For your teenager to have their own special sanctuary, there’s nothing like your teens bedroom so it’s not a surprise you want it to have top notch decorating style. However when you room is very small, it might be an arduous task to get it to looking fabulous. Thankfully, there are a lot of interior decorating methods you can use to make decorating a small teens bedroom easy!

One thing you should do is be positive to find a room design that makes the most out of tiny spaces. Too much clutter will make your teens bedroom seem tiny so hold off adding a lot of accessories and make sure you have sufficient storage to put stuff away.

Another consideration for decorating a small teens bedroom is to be mindful of where the pieces are going to be arranged in the room. You could consider the ideas of Feng Shui when arranging the furniture in your teens bedroom. Easy access into a room can make it look more spacious, so try and keep your furniture away from the doorways. Also, if you do choose a larger piece of furniture, such as a chair or loft bed, for example, it will be able to help to divert guests attention that way hence making the room seem larger in the bargain.

Think of furniture and accessories you could add to your decorating theme which will help to maximize space in the teens bedroom. A modernized design could be ideal, since this tends to highlight space and living area, in lieu of many accessories fighting to occupy the same area. Only be sure you decorate with a decorating theme you can live with as this is an important room for both you and your teen.

Pick the color palette for the teens bedroom wisely since various colors could help make it appear more open. If you always believed that you had to paint your spacially challenged rooms white, then here is some colorful news for you. If you don’t want drab paint that is boring, go for having a monochromatic decorating scheme in a beautiful color, or match a few colors which all give off equal intensity.

You might go subtle with a blue color palette, or if you wish more color consider brown and pumpkin that all have identical intensity and tone. Painting the wall opposite the entrance a deep hue will cause it to feel further away, thus adding depth to the room. Pale tones will recede, thus making the room feel bigger and blueish gray is a great general hue for a small room. But if that sounds too dull, don’t worry as cool colors such as greens, blues and purples also recede so you can have your gorgeous colors without making the room feel smaller.

When it comes to putting furniture in the room, stick to small or medium sized pieces. Using a loft bed with desk underneath, rather than separate bed and desk, might make a lot of difference in space, yet still allow your teen to sleep and do homework. All small scaled pieces could be monotonous and you may want to add interest by using a couple of bigger pieces, so even though you might choose to go with the small bureaus, match it with a large poster or chair, it could also add bit of zip to the room.

These methods allow decorating a small teens bedroom to be easy as well as effortless. Use your imagination and you’ll have a small teens bedroom which is big on charm in no time.