99 Stunning Farmhouse Table Design Ideas

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What is a farmhouse table? Farmhouse table is a rustic style type of furniture and it is an important part of French country lifestyle. The most common type of farmhouse tables is the kitchen tables and dinning tables. This kind of equipment is most suitable for simple and rural type of living environment.

Generally, it is made from solid pine and oak wood. It consists of four beautiful curved legs that support the table top. The design is not complicated and comes with simple finishes. Normally, it is large in size and occupied big area of the kitchen or dining room. It design is actually the opposite of modern living room furniture.

Pine Farmhouse Table
This piece of furniture is suitable for those who prefer rural style and classy appeal type of design. It is built from solid pine wood and featured “butcher block” construction on the surface of the equipment. The supporting legs are painted in white color. Thus, it design is plain and simple.

Rectangular Farmhouse Dining Table
The design of this beautiful country style furniture is based on calm and relaxing lifestyle of the lakeside. The design and look of the equipment is not complicated. Moreover, this piece of furniture gives a rustic warm appearance to the kitchen and dinning room. The base is in white color while the table top is in honey color.

Natural Solid Wood Farmhouse Table
This is another type of classic dining table. It is made from solid wood and tiles. It is painted in white color. The four beautiful turned legs support the table top is also white in color. It also matches with natural and white lyre back chairs. It needs to be partially assembled when you first bought it.


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