99 Stunning Luxury Kitchen Ideas

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If you have a set budget in mind for your next kitchen remodel, but still want to have the best of the luxury kitchens you see in magazines, it takes some careful planning and knowing where to spend that money wisely.

These seven tips don’t look at where to save alone, we’re also going to show you where to spend to get the most from your budget and make the biggest impact.

Top four ways to save

1. Don’t knock down or move walls. This is such a huge expense that goes beyond taking a big hammer and knocking walls down. You also have to look into wiring before you knock them down, how to wire it back up when you build it and you have to put those new walls up again at the end of it all.

Reconfiguring your space is a much better way to change the look without knocking down walls. The best luxury kitchens have a flowing and sensible feel to them. Find the layout that best suits your kitchen and leave the walls in place.

2. Go with faux surfaces when you can. For example, choose porcelain tiles which look like limestone. You will be getting a high end look but for a lower cost. The best thing about this strategy? Only your contractor will know the difference!

3. Choose a design that is reasonable. Going crazy with the over-designing of your kitchen can lead to the cost skyrocketing quickly. Really consider if those crown mouldings are worth the money for your specific needs and design ideals, or if that ornamentation is really needed. A simple design can look great and save money.

4. Cut back on new appliance purchases and try to use older appliances. If you’re starting from scratch be sure that you have a great refrigerator and then consider your budget.

Top 3 ways to splurge

We’re talking about luxury kitchens here, you’ve got to spend some money somewhere! Here are 3 high impact areas to focus on.

1. An exotic countertop can really set a mood in a kitchen. They make a great first impression, take up a large area and the highest quality materials are extra durable. Great examples for the most high impact luxury kitchens include agate, dumortierite and Calacatta gold marble.

2. Treat your hardware like jewellery. Get some high quality pieces that really shine and sparkle to give your kitchen that finishing touch that stands out. You are going to touch them every day, make sure they’re pleasing to use and look at for the lifetime of your home.

3. Custom cabinets that perfectly fit your home and design style are a must. Your kitchen is just ordinary with store bought cabinets. Luxury kitchens always have cabinets made to order with the finest woods being used in their construction.