Cozy Hotel Like Master Bedroom Retreat Ideas42
Cozy Hotel Like Master Bedroom Retreat Ideas42

99 Cozy Hotel Like Master Bedroom Retreat Ideas

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Creating a restful and appealing master bedroom retreat is a worthwhile project for individuals and couples alike. A comfortable, inviting environment for relaxing and sleeping is essential in order to achieve a healthful, restful sleep.

Incorporating cool colors into the d├ęcor, adding a few green plants and integrating thick, light-blocking curtains or shades into the overall decorating scheme can help to establish this restful environment in the master bedroom. Here are four other ways to create the perfect retreat in the master suite.

1) Integrate natural colors.

While blues and greens are widely regarded as restful, calming colors, tans and soft ivory shades may be a better choice for smaller master bedroom environments. These natural shades can create the illusion of a larger space, and because they are neutral, they can complement a wide range of other colors that may be used as accents throughout the room. While bright reds and oranges should not be used as the primary colors in most bedrooms, a splash of brilliant color may be the perfect touch in contrast to the calming or neutral tones used throughout the rest of the room.

2) Less is more.

Cutting out the clutter in the bedroom can help to provide a more relaxing, less busy environment. Knickknacks, laptops, books and magazines should be reserved for other rooms of the house. By establishing the bedroom as a location for relaxing and sleeping rather than reading or surfing the Internet, individuals and couples can improve their chances of achieving a restful night’s sleep.

3) Lose the screen.

By limiting television viewing to other rooms of the house, it is possible to train the body to prepare for sleep in the master suite environment. Television is a powerful force for entertainment and education, but it can also be a source of insomnia and a poor companion for those seeking a restful night’s sleep.

4) Set the stage for comfort.

Memory foam mattresses are a natural choice for master suites due to the exceptional comfort they provide. When combined with adjustable beds, especially those with separate controls for each side of the bed, these mattresses provide a relaxing night’s sleep and reduce pressure on sensitive joints and muscles. For individuals, investing in a double memory foam mattress can offer significant savings over a comparable queen sized mattress set; additionally, double bed frames are designed to work with a wide range of headboards and footboards, making them a versatile choice for use in the master suite.


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