Stunning Window Seat Ideas With Padded Seat And Storage Below43
Stunning Window Seat Ideas With Padded Seat And Storage Below43

99 Stunning Window Seat Ideas With Padded Seat And Storage Below

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Adding a window seat to a room can be a great way of creating additional seating space. These cozy little niches not only look great, but they also are a very comfortable and convenient place to curl up with a good book while still being able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Although some people are lucky enough to have an older home with a dormer that already has a window seat built in, with just a little effort and some basic building materials and skill, it is easy to add one of these seats to almost any room in your home as weekend do-it-yourself project.

Choosing the Overall Design
There are many different ways to build a window seat that includes a hidden area. Although you can certainly find plenty of plans and patterns for building these types of units, you can also create a very functional window seat area using nothing more elaborate than standard kitchen stock cabinets, which can provide plenty of storage space.

You could also use a prefabricated storage bench as the basis for your window seat, or build your own, either with a cabinet front or a hinged seat that lifts up to reveal storage space.

Building Your Own Window Seat
If you already have a recessed area by a window, such as what is provided by a dormer, you can build your own custom made window seat designed specifically to fit within the space you have. This can create a built-in look that will make it appear that the seat was designed as part of the overall house design.

Unless you have the ability to create your own design plans, you will want to start with an overall plan for building a window storage seat, and then adjust the measurements to fit the space you have. This type of building project is generally fairly simple, requiring nothing more than the plans themselves, some lumber, and some basic hand and power tools.

Building a Window Seat from Kitchen Cabinets
Another great way to build a window seat with storage is to use standard stock kitchen cabinets. Not only are these cabinets easy to work with because they are already assembled and prefinished in most cases, but the hardware and everything else is already included.

Another advantage of using kitchen cabinet units is that they can make it easy to create a window niche where one doesn’t even exist. To create this effect, use short kitchen cabinets to create the seating area of the storage bench, placing them on a short base directly on the floor in front of the window. Then, use full height kitchen cabinets such as pantry or open shelving units on either side of the window to create a built-in appearance.

This can add a lot of storage space and style to a room, in addition to providing a window seating unit. You can use a purchased cushion such as those used for patio furniture, or sew your own custom cushion to add the finishing touch.


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