Best Ways To Prepare For A Kitchen Remodeling Or Renovation Project Ideas29
Best Ways To Prepare For A Kitchen Remodeling Or Renovation Project Ideas29

99 Best Ways To Prepare For A Kitchen Remodeling Or Renovation Project Ideas

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When preparing for a kitchen remodel, the family should plan to be without some of the comforts of home for the duration of the home improvement project. While it may be a minor inconvenience during the renovation, the finished product will likely be well worth it.

There are a few things the homeowners can do to make things go more smoothly while the contractor is transforming the old kitchen into something new and beautiful.

Pack up into boxes everything that will not be used, as if preparing to move. These items should be stored in another part of the house, out of the way. Move the coffee pot, microwave and a handful of utensils into another room that can be used as a temporary kitchen area.

It should have close access to running water. If the refrigerator is being replaced, either move it to a temporary room before disposing of it, or purchase a small refrigerator with a freezer.

Meal Preparation
Plan to eat out more than usual. Ask friends and nearby family members for recommendations, and even meet them for dinner to have some fun. Look for coupons or specials to nearby restaurants to cut down on spending.

Before clearing out, prepare several meals that can be frozen or refrigerated. These can be heated in the microwave during the kitchen remodeling phase. Be sure to package them in non-metallic containers. Pick up some pre-packaged meals at the grocery store that can be stored at room temperature and require little cooking or preparation.

Stock up on paper plates and disposable cups and utensils. Using the bathroom sink or bathtub may be a novelty for a day or two, but the less there is to wash, the easier things will be to manage.

Create a designated area for the contractor to use as a base where tools and materials can be kept. If there are children in the household, be sure they understand that this area is off-limits and the workers’ belongings are not to be touched.

Use this as a time to go through all of the kitchen items and dispose of anything that has not been used in the last year or so. Donate them to a local thrift store or, if they are worn, throw them away.

When the home remodeling project is nearing completion, pick up any necessary items that will be needed when the area is back in business. Plan to have a “welcome home” dinner for the family a day or two after the project is completed.

Test out the appliances with minor cooking projects beforehand, just in case there are problems or unforeseen hiccups. Purchase the proper cleaning solutions and materials needed to maintain new countertops and appliances.


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