Inspiring Master Bathroom Decor And Design Ideas44
Inspiring Master Bathroom Decor And Design Ideas44

99 Inspiring Master Bathroom Decor And Design Ideas

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After a hard day at work, most of us can’t wait to get home and get into the tub for a relaxing soak. To enhance your bathing experience, here are some luxurious tips on how to make your master bathroom practically livable.

Feel as if you are in a spa by going for the extra large fluffy towels. Don’t be afraid to splurge, it will be well worth your while. For added effect, ensure that they are scented with your favorite aromatherapy oil be it vanilla or jasmine. A towel warmer would be amazing for those chilly winter nights. You almost feel like a loved baby wrapped up in protective swaddling.

Have a fluffy spa robe on hand, to wear once you have toweled down. If you get one in extra soft, fluffy Egyptian cotton, you will never want to take it off. Color-coordinate all your towels, hand towels, robes, wash cloths and all other linens

Marble floors are great for your bathroom floor. Place a soft area rug to step on while out of the bath. Area rugs add color and texture to your bathroom. These change the focus in a room so you won’t need to re-paint or re-tile your walls. You also won’t have to remodel entirely, yet still have that personal touch and style presented in your master bathroom. Rugs may be trendy shags or of the traditional oriental design.

Turn your master bath into a spa or oasis with plush high pile, thick hand-tufted or hand-hooked woolen rugs. A large 5×8 area rug would be best for your spacious open master bathroom. Get an area rug that will complement your personality and the entire bathroom style as well. You may opt for floral or garden patterns.

Have a built-in TV installed onto your wall facing the tub and watch your favorite classic movies in your bathroom. A telephone next to your tub means you don’t have to get up, interrupt your bath and get cold again just to go pick the phone. Have a CD player churning out mellow tunes. This would be perfect if you were sipping on wine in your bubble bath… a scene straight out of a movie. But remember not to place any electronic devices too close to your bath for your safety.

The addition of plants to any room instantly creates a serene ambience that calms the nerves. Get some freshly cut white roses and place them in a vase next to the tub where you can look at them as you soak. Use scented candles, bath oils and salts to complete your aromatherapy regime.

Once you finish your bath you will feel completely energized. Either paint the walls or use tiles in relaxing colors and tones. Splurge on detailed vanity mirrors, towel racks and tissue holders in brass or chrome to complete the luxurious effect.

It is advisable to decorate your master bathroom in a style similar to the master bedroom so as to create cohesion when moving from one room to the other.


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