Vintage Outdoor Winter Lights Decoration Ideas43
Vintage Outdoor Winter Lights Decoration Ideas43

99 Vintage Outdoor Winter Lights Decoration Ideas

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When it comes time to decorate your front yard, many people are looking for a subdued yet festive scene. After all, it is important to be welcoming and celebrate the holiday season. This is true even if you’re not very religious. After all, in places where there are large Hispanic populations, it is not uncommon for non-Hispanics to display Cinco De Mayo decorations on the outside of their home during the Cinco De Mayo season.

A common idea for people who do not want to focus on cartoon characters is using outdoor Christmas lights. The lights create a winter land theme without being garish. In addition to the Christmas season, winter is celebrated by celebrating snow. Simulating snow or snowflakes is always an appropriate way to decorate the yard during the Christmas season. Outdoor Christmas lights are a natural choice for these kinds of holiday festivity.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Christmas Lights
In general, to create a winter land theme, the idea is to simulate sparkling snow in the moonlight. There are a few ways that this can be accomplished. Namely, it means focusing more on the outdoor Christmas lights than other iconic decorations. The most popular things to buy for winter land theme are:

o White lights
o Blue lights
o Snowflake shapes

Areas to Decorate
The house is not the only place to include your outdoor Christmas lights. In order to create a full winter land theme, don’t forget to include bushes and trees. Net lights are perfect for this solution. Unlike other outdoor Christmas lights, net lights are specifically designed for trees and bushes. This takes a lot less time to decorate and creates a beautiful affect.

Choosing Winter Land ColorsĀ 
Of course, you do not want to use a lot of multicolored lights when decorating for a winter land theme.
Although it may be a temptation, you should stick to three basic colors for your outdoor Christmas lights. Besides white, blue and yellow will produce the effect you’re looking for.

Just be sure to use the same color with the same object. At night, the shape of the tree, bush, or house is defined by the color of lights. The only exception to that rule can be the roof. You can have a lot of fun using the colors to create a snowdrift affect on the roof. Your neighbors will appreciate your classic and beautiful decorations.


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