Minimalist Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom Decoration Ideas49
Minimalist Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom Decoration Ideas49

99 Minimalist Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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So you need some bedroom decorating ideas for your master bedroom. It happens, we want larger spaces and then when we get them we don’t know what to do with them. Well don’t fret, you won’t have to go searching for large walk in closets or doors to fill your new space. Decorating your bedroom can be easy if you know how to make your space functional, comfortable and pleasing to you.

You can start by just having a look around. See what needs to be done or see what makes you cringe when you see it. Here’s a good tip, if your closet door is falling off the hinges and the carpet is twenty fives times darker than the original, or perhaps the room doesn’t move you like it once did then it’s probably time to think about a little redecorating.

A change of wall paper or a new coat of paint are great touch ups if you just want to spruce up the place and make a few minor changes. A new rug or change of carpet are also little things that can be done to enhance your existing d├ęcor. But if you are in a sad state of affairs you may want to start with bigger changes like the walls and flooring and then move to the furniture and furnishing.

But it is important to remember that there is a difference between making a bedroom usable and decorating it. Decorating gives that final touch of completeness. Think of it as a Christmas tree; sure just putting up a bear tree will say you celebrate Christmas, but decorating it with lights, bows, beads and the whole works will say that you love Christmas!

Decorating is all about ambiance. It is about creating a look and feel in your room rather than just having a functional bedroom. This does not mean that you have to choose a theme like a kid’s room, so men don’t fret that you’ll walk into your bedroom one day and think you’re part of Arabian Knights!

It’s more subtle, the kind of subtle elegance that you get when you walk into a hotel or a fancy restaurant. The overall ambiance in these places of calm, soothing and generally pleasing to be in but this does not diminish the functionality of the room at all. In fact it increases the usefulness of the room!

For instance, many people opt for adding a small work space in the bedroom. A desk and chair isn’t a large addition to a bedroom, but without the right integrating it could look terribly out of place. So why not go down to the office store and look at the type of shelving and other furnishings that can really make that space fit into the room. Furniture stores will also have some great ideas and catalogues for you to get great ideas from.

Framed photographs and little accents, not to mention colour coding will all give the business corner of the room a nice homely touch and not stand out so starkly from the rest of the bedroom.


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