Gorgeous Office Christmas Decoration Ideas19
Gorgeous Office Christmas Decoration Ideas19

99 Gorgeous Office Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Plants are not the only way for an office to either raise the mood of its staff or to impress positively on clients and other visitors. It is true that office plants can bring freshness and colour to the surroundings, but providing a sense of joy can give that extra motivation to staff too.

By embracing festive occasions, a company can also create a positive, upbeat mood that encourages staff to enjoy work during the festive period. No wonder then that at Christmas, offices all over the world invest in a range of office Christmas decorations to help bring the festive feelings to work too.

A common tactic of creating that sense the year round is the use corporate art, bringing in paintings and sculptures to give the sense that roots have been put down inspiring confidence, but festive periods require something different.

Getting the right decorations can make a huge difference to the mood in an office, with many people clearly buoyed by that time of year. However, Christmas is also only a limited period of time, which means that the decorations do have to come down in January.

For that reason, many offices decide to hire their decorations for the period. After all, buying and then storing everything is less logical, but by hiring it is possible to introduce new and better elements each year, and have everything put up by professional designers and their skilled teams.

When it comes to choosing the Christmas decorations, there are some that should certainly not be left out, and can easily be hired from interior landscaping companies.

Traditional Christmas Tree

This is the quintessential tree that no office can do without. Depending on the size of the office, the elaborateness of the tree and its decor can reach considerable levels. For example, a regular office will typically have a tree measuring 7 feet tall, decorated in a variety of trinkets and such in different colour schemes, including traditional red and gold, cream and gold, and copper and bronze. However many companies with large lobby areas can opt for trees as high as 20 feet, which is certain to make an impression on anyone entering the building.

Christmas Bowls

Of course, these decorative glass bowls can be used all year round, but special Christmas designs help to add considerably to the overall festive mood in the work place. These are basically small bowls, much like fish bowls, with Christmas decor inside featuring small coloured baubles, and a tangle of reads and twigs, usually frosted to depict a snow scene. The bowls, which can be easily placed on office tables, can also be used as a vase, with the twigs standing out of it, again frosted for the Christmas effect.

Desktop Trees

These trees are just as their name suggests. Miniature Christmas trees that are small enough to stand on the table of any boardroom or desk of any office worker. Measuring about 2 feet in height, they are often found on the desk of a receptionist, adding a little more festive cheer when the large, traditional Christmas tree is elsewhere. Just like the larger version, there are a number of colour schemes available, with red and gold, cream and gold, and even aubergine and silver common combinations.


An essential element of any office decoration at Christmas, the garland can be simply draped along walls, over windows and along desks throughout the office. They are usually available richly designed, with baubles, trinkets and even small plastic flowers in gold or in silver, bedded into lush green foliage. Of course, garlands can also be complemented by traditional circular wreaths and doorknocker garlands, sporting the same colour scheme.

Black Trees

It might sound like the least Christmassy of decorations, but in fact black trees are growing in popularity. This is because of the sheer effect that they have visually, with a generous sprinkling of snow white finishing, silver trinkets and other shimmering decorations to complete the overall effect. Eye catching and inspirational, the overall image can add scope to the office Christmas decorations plan.

There can be no denying how valuable office plants are throughout the course of the year, nor for that matter the confidence building value that corporate art can have amongst dedicated workers who enjoy that feeling of permanency.




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