99 Unordinary Living Room Designs Ideas With Combinations Of Brown Color

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Trying to tie all your living room colors together can be a little confusing since most of us learned about colors with our jumbo crayon boxes as children. The actual fusion of multiple colors especially when working with brown curtains can have a homeowner perplexed in no time at all.

Finding that satisfying combination, that will exude a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere will elude most, unless they do a little research. The typical easy way out is to mix lighter shades of brown, like taupe, sand, gray-brown, khaki, and varying shades of beige.

This will not cut it in certain designed themes and the following should help.One theme is to put together your brown curtain panels with additional muted yellow, and medium orange. This is a throw back design style from the early 1970s.

It will be important that you have similar colors be it accessories like throw pillows or rugs, ceramic vases, or paintings to help bring it all together or your curtains may stand out instead of becoming part of the rooms artful tapestry.

It may take a couple of tries, before dialing in just the right shades that you are happy with, but well worth the results when you are finished.

Brown and Blue living room curtains for are very stylish right now. You will want to stick with a light blue or a robin’s egg blue to pull off this theme. Eyelet curtains with both colors are an astounding combination. Just use narrower curtain panels so all four will fit nicely on one curtain rod.

You could also opt to use a double curtain rod, and put the blue behind the brown, so when the brown is opened the light will shine through on the lighter color for a wonderful decor effect. Color schemes are a learned trait, and will take some practice for most amateur designers to pull them together on the fly.


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