Extraordinary Summer Indoor And Outdoor Decor Ideas20
Extraordinary Summer Indoor And Outdoor Decor Ideas20

99 Extraordinary Summer Indoor And Outdoor Decor Ideas

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Summer is a time when we want to just relax and chill out. There is an urgent desperation to stay cool and fresh. But its not just about dressing cool. The dressing of the surroundings makes a difference too. Check your living space – indoors and outdoors for cool, chic summer look.

Use more of the cooler colors like leaf green, sky blue, translucent mauve, baby pink, snow white and tulip yellow. Here is a detailed set of ideas for a super cool, fresh look for your mansion.

Clean it Up: Cleanliness is godliness. Keep your home neat and clean, This is a must look for the summers. Also include lot of empty spaces in your furniture arrangement. Heavy decor is for winters. It should all appears light, spacious and refreshing. Put away the extra tables, chairs and lighting fixtures for your summer patio decor.

Lighter paints: If you are about to get your room, home painted, choose the cool summer colors. They can be easily darkened during the winters. Stay away from off whites and creams. White has to be snow white, yellow has to be paler than tulip yellow, and green, paler than leaf green. The paint has to be the lighter ’cause usually, the furnishings accentuate the colors. Light pinks and mauves and greens are suggested.

In case you already have a bright paint in your room, no harm. Try and get some jute wall mats – light shades – and put them on the walls. It will lighten the heavy tone of the room. Similarly, you can get cloth wall hanging with lighter bright colors.

Furnishings: Keep your furnishing light and simple. Cottons, georgettes and laces. Get light-weight curtains in same or contrasting colors. For example blue walls can have sea blue, transparent curtains with brown sequin work, green lacy curtains with pink sequins and needle work.

Get nice lacy, cotton slip covers for sofa, table runners, bright colored linens for bed, and pillows and the throws.

Revamp Your Porch: If you have ignored your backyard for the last season. It is time to de-clutter and revamp. Clean it up, straighten things, get the grass growing, flowers blooming, squirrels running and birds chirping. Put your patio back to life. Put a swing chair, revive your old wooden table sand chairs, carpets. In short arrange for proper seating arrangements.

Add outdoor lanterns for a rustic look, and lighting. A bird feeder would make it livelier. Get a colorful bird feeder – put both food and water in it. Also make a shelter space for them to rest when it turns scorching hot.

Decorate with Flowers & Plants: White and yellow and pink and blue and lilac. Get the flowers in any color that you like. They add a fresh look to your place and bring a sense of cool in the summer season. Put them in almost any nook of the house – center tables, bathroom corners, bedside tables, window sills, sofa sides, anywhere.

The easy way is to put them in sleek and smart vases. But to arrange them creatively, you can check out various flower arrangement ideas and guide available on the net.


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