Beautiful Diy Valentines Decoration Ideas35
Beautiful Diy Valentines Decoration Ideas35

99 Beautiful Diy Valentines Decoration Ideas

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On Valentine’s Day, the restaurants are always crowded and hectic and the romantic comedies are sold out at the movie theaters. Why deal with all that when you can have a perfectly romantic evening at home? Here are some tips to create a cozy, stress-free evening for you and your sweetie.

Light some candles: Candles are a no-brainer but this time, try some scented candles. Both ginger and honey are considered aphrodisiacs so look for some in these scents.

Red is overrated: Harsh reds are a Valentine’s classic but there are plenty of other colors out there to give you the warm and fuzzies (and no, I don’t mean pink). Decorate with a deep plum or burgundy tablecloth to set the mood. It’s also less likely to stain during use!

Use a dimmer: Dim lighting equals instant romance but if there’s food involved, candles might not put off quite enough light. Add a dimmer to your light switch for a little extra light without sacrificing the mood. Remember, spilling food all over yourself is not sexy.

Accessorize with cozy fabrics: Try super-soft blankets made of chenille or fleece. They’re inexpensive, look great and are perfect to share with someone special.

Buy new sheets: When people think sexy, they think silky sheets but I’m not sure why. They’re cold, slick and they catch on dry skin. None of that seems romantic. Substitute organic cotton sheets in a 300 or higher thread-count. They’re super soft and a lot more practical in the long run.

Cook something together: Trying to plan an extravagant meal by yourself can be stressful and disappointing, especially if you’re trying something new. Instead, cook with your significant other.

Buy all the ingredients you’ll need ahead of time and get plenty of extra spices so you can be creative and spontaneous with your meal. It will give you an experience you can share together and, if your meal doesn’t turn out as planned (ie: it’s awful) you can laugh about it together as well (and then order take out).

Let someone else take care of dessert: By the time you’re done cooking dinner, you wont want to mess with a cake or pie. Stop by your favorite bakery and get an assortment of bite-sized pastries that the two of your can share with each other. Grab a few old favorites and maybe a few things you haven’t tried before.

Play some music: Make a CD or play list to play on your special night. Mix a few of your sweetie’s favorites with slow, mellow songs. It will create a relaxing mood for the evening while integrating a few songs that both of you already know.

Turn up the heat: Literally. It’s cold outside so don’t sweat the gas bill for one night. Turn the heat up a little higher and put your Snuggie away for the night.

Eliminate distractions: Get the house clean, send the kids to Grandma’s, turn your cellphones off, DVR your favorite show and get any weekend work done the day before. There’s no worse way to ruin the mood than constant interruptions.


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