Affordable Beach Bathroom Design Ideas37
Affordable Beach Bathroom Design Ideas37

99 Affordable Beach Bathroom Design Ideas

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If you are someone who loves the outdoors and has a particular fondness of the ocean, then you will love these suggestions for creating a beach bathroom. These fun and simple tips will help you to bring the beauty of the ocean and a day at the beach into your very own bathroom. This is not only a great option for people who want to enjoy their favorite location all throughout the year, but it’s also a great theme that can be appreciated by adults and children alike.

The first factor that you might want to consider in creating your bathroom is what your color scheme will be. Think about if you want to have a bright, sunny day at the beach filled with fun and colors, or if you want to have a more peaceful and subdued beach theme instead with matte and pastel colors.

Consider options such as sand tones, blues, sea greens, or even whites and reds. Your beach decor for your bathroom can be almost anything you want it to be. If you don’t already have an ideal soft blue tone for your walls, or if you would like to incorporate colors onto your walls, you may want to consider painting.

Many people like to create their beach theme by painting the walls to have a sky theme. There are many tutorials that you can find for creating a blue sky with clouds or even seagulls in the background. Purchase seashore themed bathroom sets that include options such as seashell shaped soap holders or dispensers, rug sets with beach images on them. If you like to have flowers or other decorative options in your bathroom, you may want to consider investing in clear vases that will allow you to put in decorative colored pebbles or shells into the vase for display.

A great addition to any beach bathroom is a shower curtain that offers an ocean or sailing theme. You can almost always find these locally at an interior decorating store, but if not, you may also want to search online. In addition, you may also discover that taking a visit to your local home improvement or interior decorating store can be ideal for helping you to brainstorm on different features and designs that you would like to incorporate into your bathroom. Consider fun beach stencils for painting designs onto your walls or even explore the options of investing in small pebble counters to further bring in elements of the sea.

In addition to these brilliant ideas, there is another aspect of your new beach bathroom to work around. In most bathrooms, the bathroom vanity is the main focal point of the whole room. Whether your style be mainly traditional or modern (with your beach inspired theme) there are vanity options out there you can choose if you decide to do a complete remodel. A light colored vanity with an airy feel can be just the right touch to any major beach bathroom remodel.

Another factor that you may want to consider is how well your theme is suitable for different ages. If you are focusing on making a beach bathroom for adults, you can aim to make your bathroom elegant while incorporating the beauty of the ocean.

However, if you are aiming to make a beach themed bathroom for children, you may want to also consider decorating with more whimsical designs and discovering options such as bath towels with fun fish, or bright colored paintings in the room. As long as you are imaginative and coordinate your bathroom theme carefully, you are certain to create a beach theme that anyone can enjoy.


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