Unordinary Water Feature Front Yard Backyard Landscaping Ideas46
Unordinary Water Feature Front Yard Backyard Landscaping Ideas46

30+ Unordinary Water Feature Front Yard Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Can water features help to increase the value of your home for resale? The answer is definitely yes because so many people are attracted to the peace and calm that water features add to a home’s landscaping. It can become the focal point for a backyard garden or add an interesting highlight to a landscaped front yard.

There are numerous types of water features that can increase a home’s value, depending upon the homeowner’s budget. Wall fountains are one of the most simple to install.

They come already constructed to be positioned against an existing wall or to create a free-standing water wall that features a pump to allow the water to flow down the wall after the unit has been plugged into an electrical outlet.

A waterfall is a very appropriate feature to include in a wooded, rocky area of landscaping. By using an electrical pump, the water can be recycled, making this feature also very environmentally friendly. Among the least expensive water features is a contained pond, often called a tub garden, created using a large wine barrel that has been cut in half.

This is filled with water, aquatic plants such as lily pads and some guppies or goldfish and aerated with a fountain pump to help keep the water circulating rather than stagnant.

Free standing statuary fountains are very artistic and can create a focal point in a garden or yard, in addition to attracting songbirds and wildlife. A small pond can be constructed next to a home’s patio using natural stone and pond liner and then filling with fish and plant life suited to ponds, with the water kept clean via submersible pump.

Many prospective home buyers believe that water features create positive luck that transfers to the occupants of the home. Homeowners who add them to their property can use it to their advantage when asking for an increased selling price.


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