Creative Banquette Seating Ideas For Kitchen34
Creative Banquette Seating Ideas For Kitchen34

30+ Creative Banquette Seating Ideas For Kitchen

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If you want to decorate your house, the banquette seating is a good choice. The banquette seating is a type of comfortable, upholstered benches and can provide a cozy, intimate mood for people to stay together in the tight area.

In this article, I will give you a five step introduction about how to design and choose an excellent banquette seating placed in your home.

1. Choose a proper position

Look around your house, and think about where you need to place the banquette, especially the limited space. You need to pay attention to several important places, such as the kitchen, the dining room, the sunroom, and the space beneath the window.

2. Design the banquette seating

According to the situation of your house, you can design the banquette in different shapes, such as L-shape, U-shade, curved, or straight. To give an obvious frame, you can try to draw the simple blueprint on the paper with a pen, which will give you more inspiration.

The banquette can adapt any type of wall, such line against, into the wall or wrap several corners. This feature allows people to huddle together without feeling crowded.

3. Add some special function to it.

Ask yourself the question – can you utilize the banquette for doing something else. For example, the banquette also acts as the storage container. Frame the size of the drawers beneath the banquette, according the items you plan to put into. Keep your mind open, and create your own banquette.

4. Go to the store

During the purchasing process, you should pay attention to the upholstering material, which is another important point of the banquette, besides the shape and the function. In the store, you would better choose the stain resistant material which can be cleaned by wiping easily with a piece of cloth.

The padding is also important, and you should sit on the banquette to feel whether there is enough foam in it. When you plan to put the banquette in the sun room, you should pay attention to the type of the material which can withstand the sunshine. If there is no proper banquette seating for you, you can prefabricate one from the furniture stores.

5. Fix the banquette seating

After you obtain your banquette, place it to the related places, and begin to enjoy your honey eat-in dining room, or a comfortable lounge for reading beneath the window.


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