Minimalist Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas34
Minimalist Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas34

20+ Minimalist Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas

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It’s hard to decorate an apartment to fit your style when you don’t own the property- but it is equally as difficult to live in surroundings that don’t complement your style.

A lot of people often make the mistake of thinking that they are renting, so they are not going to do anything to their rental space, because eventually they are going to move.

So what do you do if you yearn for a personal touch but have to compromise with landlord for limited budget and restrictions.

Utilizing Space with Elegance

Choosing multifunctional furniture helps the occupants utilize spaces with elegance. A computer armoire – with doors may have enough extra space to store books or blankets. Other multipurpose pieces could be a sofa that pulls out into a bed for overnight guests.

Storage must always be creative. You can put a nice cloth around your bathroom sink to hide necessities, and hides the drying towels from the view.You can opt for buying a dining table that may perform double duty as home-office desk.

If you don’t’ have enough space for a dining table in your Portland Apartments, you can create a banquette-type setting, with the table in front, and the chairs on the open side.

You can use attractive trunks as coffee tables or end tables and hide blankets or magazines inside. A sofa table leaves plenty of empty space beneath, which can also be filled with a host of belongings.

Dealing with Apartment for rent Portland Trappings

Perhaps the best thing about the most rental apartments today is that the slate is usually neutral. Virtually anything you lay on the top of this canvas will do wonders.

If you can’t paint a wall, you can use colorful rugs or throw pillows or even accent lamps with textured shades. Make sure that use a pad between your apartment carpeting and area rug so that the rug won’t slide and the carpet won’t undergo a color transfer.

You can also add side panels on a decorative rod to make a dramatic difference in a room reflecting your style and personality. Try and weave your color choices throughout the Portland Apartments with pillows and accessories. You can revive a kitchen with a colorful teapot on the stove, attractive dish towels, fresh countertop accessories or other decorative touches.


Nothing makes a house feel like home better than fragrance. Use scented candles or other fragrance-spreading systems to infuse your space with an aroma. Gather a bunch of various shapes, sizes and colors and arrange them on tables.

Place them in front of mirrors to bounce light, filling the apartment with a nice warming effect. Show your creative surface by experimenting with groupings of tea lights, or bold candlesticks. The more fun you have with it, the more it will feel like home.

When it comes to putting your decorative ideas to the test, it only makes good sense to start with a step-by-step plan. To make the process seem a lot less stressful, start with simple home decorating ideas. These ideas can help you to personalize your new Portland Rental and make it feel like a home.


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