20+ Shabby Chic Diy Home Decor Ideas

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Since the shabby chic style is so popular getting these kinds of decorative items can be a little bit expensive, even if you’re going for a reproduction pieces instead of antiques. Instead, you can really create your own.

This can translate into all different kinds of crafts and DIY projects. Here are a few things that you should have on hand so that you are ready whenever the mood strikes you.

Whenever you see a crystal buy it. You can find these at salvage yards or even chandeliers or light fixtures. It doesn’t matter if they don’t all match. In fact, it will be a lot more charming this way.

You’re really going to want to just save as many of these items as you can find to decorate old light fixtures or even picture frames. This is really where the more elegant touch of this kind of design style comes into play.

Another thing that belongs in every craft closet of this type is ribbon. The shabby chic ribbon is usually solid. It’s also of a higher quality such as a satin or faux silk. This gives the richness to the room and also lends an air of sophistication.

This is important because pink is a common design color in this style. If you went with a cheaper ribbon it could end up looking quite juvenile but in this case it will still seem very elegant if you go with a pale blush or deeper rose color.

Another thing you are going to want to include use paint and lots of it. This is very necessary for whenever you have to be doing cabinetry, molding or even furniture. You might also want to include a crackle finish or art glaze medium.

This really gives that antique and distressed feeling. In that way when you are ready for your next big furniture renovation you don’t have to head to the hardware store first.


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