Cute Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas On A Budget22
Cute Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas On A Budget22

30+ Cute Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas On A Budget

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Are you renovating your kitchen and you are on a tight budget? Then it is time for you to consider a kitchen backsplash design.

Kitchens that are used for long periods of time typically have drips and splatters so backsplash tiles do make good sense.

In fact, they are now becoming more of a significant design feature. Kitchen backsplashes come in wide range of materials and the most popular ones include:

1. Granite

If you want to put in real value to your kitchen, then you should use granite for your kitchen backsplash. This material isn’t just elegant and beautiful; it is also exceptionally durable.

Granite is considered as the hardest material available, next to diamonds. It is a perfect material for decorating your kitchen because it comes in wide array of types and shades. The polished and smooth surface of granite makes it very easy to clean and to maintain.

2. Glass

Also called acrylic-block, this type of backsplash is usually a component of an exterior wall, allowing natural light to come inside. Using this type of material is really unique and it involves extraordinary treatment so it needs to be planned carefully.

It delivers the true brilliance and shine that you’re looking for. Offered in virtually any size and color, glass tiles have the ability to give your kitchen a brilliant and dirt-free shine.

3. Stainless Steel

With a backsplash made up of stainless steel, you are on your way to creating a superb design statement not just for your kitchen but for your home as well. Stainless steel tiles can also help in making your kitchen appear fresh and more exciting.

Also, they are easy to clean and to maintain; they will not rust or stain and they are ideal for clean yet simple design concepts. Because of these reasons, they are gaining more popularity for kitchen applications. They come in different finishes and patterns including matte or satin finishes.

4. Ceramic Tiles

Since they come in tremendous range of finishes, sizes, colors and textures, ceramic tiles can give every homeowner never-ending design possibilities. They offer the budget-conscious people a chance to achieve a custom design while saving on installation. However, one disadvantage of this backsplash material is that you are required to clean and reseal the grout quite often.

5. Tin

Tin backsplash is a remarkably unique material that’s perfect in some of the fresh designs.

6. Slate

By using an attractive slate one, you can create a connection between your kitchen and the outside world. This material is a perfect choice for ordinary wood finishes and high-end lodges and they blend well with the other natural hues in your kitchen.

Since the kitchen backsplash design contributes a lot to the overall appearance of your kitchen, then you should be careful in selecting the material that you will use. You should pick the material that will not change after being used for a period of time.


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