Cool Glass Jars Garden Décor Ideas For Home35
Cool Glass Jars Garden Décor Ideas For Home35

30+ Cool Glass Jars Garden Décor Ideas For Home

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Glass jar with lid is a very common item that is found in almost every household. In spite of being very useful items we often overlook their importance in our daily lives. The small ones can be used for storing things like screw nuts and bolts, beads and other small stuffs related to art and craft and needles or pins.

The fancy ones are used by many to keep variety of jewelry items. If you have a tiny one then you can remove the lid to use to as a beautiful candle holder. It is a great way to start making candles at home which you can transform in a business at a later stage.

Unlike plastic, glass is an eco-friendly material and can be processed a number of times to keep on using them for several other uses. We mostly get these jars with a number of daily used edible stuffs like sauces, pickles, jams and many more.

We mostly through these bottles away as soon as the inner product finish off. But by applying a bit of innovation we can put a glass jar with lid to a totally different use. These can be painted or decorated to form charming flower vases.

Their color can be changed to match the color scheme around it. Broad-rimmed ones can be turned into pots for planting seedlings, only you have to remove the lids and the device with pebbles and mud.

If you come across any nice shaped one then you can simply make it a piggy bank for your child. This will help him/her to save money from a very early age. If you are not interested to do so much of innovation or decoration then you can simply wash them and utilize them for storing cereals.

Only by putting colorful pebbles in them they can be turned into attractive show pieces. So just wait a second before throwing them away and think what all purposes these can serve.


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