Pretty Evergreen Vines Ideas For Home37
Pretty Evergreen Vines Ideas For Home37

20+ Pretty Evergreen Vines Ideas For Home

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Flowering vines are perfect for a garden makeover. Most of the vines are perennial and their life span is more than three years. By planting such perennial vines you can ensure that your garden remains lively for at least three years.

Flowering vines can be used to camouflage areas that are not very appealing. Old wooden fences or an ugly shed can be adorned with these beautiful flowering vines. You can also train them over trellises, metal frames or walls. They produce dainty and pretty flowers every year during the blooming season.

Some of the common flowering vines that you can grow in your home garden are-

Clematis– Clematis is probably the most popular flowering vine that produces purple or white colored flowers. This vine comes in many varieties and most of them are evergreen in nature. Some that thrive in cooler temperatures are deciduous. Clematis prefers full sun and well drained rich soil to perform its best. The soil should be moist and cool so it is advisable to cover it with heavy mulch to retain the moisture. You can prune them annually to maintain a neat look otherwise it can become quite shabby at the bottom.

English Ivy– English Ivy is also known as Hedera Helix and it is an evergreen climbing plant. It produces tiny yellow colored flowers that are very rich in nectar. It is a fast growing plant and is considered to be an invasive species because it can spread rapidly. English Ivy has thick dense foliage and it is ideal for walls or entrances.

Boston Ivy– Boston Ivy is yet another common climbing plant that is used for ornamental purposes. It can reach up to a height of 30 feet with proper support. Boston Ivy has a dense foliage that covers the support like a blanket. It can be trained on walls or huge trees. It produces tiny green colored flowers that are inconspicuous but attract insects and bees. It happens to be an adaptable plant and can tolerate almost any condition.

Japanese Honeysuckle– Japanese Honeysuckle is a species that is native to Asia and with good support it can reach up to a height of 35 feet. It produces white or yellowish colored flowers that are double tongued and fragrant. It can grow well in full sun to partial shade conditions. The species is invasive and can spread rapidly.

Some of the other flowering vines that can be used are Trumpet Vine, Dutchman’s Pipe, Wisteria, Balloon Vine and Climbing Hydrangea.


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