Captivating Window Garden Ideas For Home43
Captivating Window Garden Ideas For Home43

20+ Captivating Window Garden Ideas For Home

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With several great reasons why you should have a window garden, you should consider installing one for your home. You can make use of plants to artistically hide an unappealing view or bring the natural outdoors closer for you to enjoy. A window garden has a multitude of ways to enhance the front of your home and each window they’re on.

Gardens for Your Window

You have two basic options when it comes to choosing window gardens, inside your window or out. The great news is that you can combine the two. With the wide selection of window flower boxes that are commonly attached to the window sill, these boxes allow plants to grow right into the window opening.

To make your home garden more stunning, you should take the following ideas into consideration:

Window Ledge – You can add a natural-looking sill or ledge, which adds charm and creates an instant miniature garden in your home.

Hanging Flower Boxes – Install a firm hook either outside or inside your window and hang a huge box or basket with beautiful blooming buds.

Garden Window – These are specialized window plant inserts that fashion a miniature greenhouse out of your conventional windows.

Although termed as “window gardens”, you should not restrict yourself from growing plants in other areas of your home. You can build a small garden on a balcony or patio too. You can even consider creating a mock window with flowers and plants on an unsightly fence or wall. You just have to frame a “window” without glass and hang flower or window boxes for an instant garden.

Choosing Plants

Prior to plant selection, ask the following questions:

How much direct or indirect sunlight does your window obtain?

Do you want an indoor or outdoor garden?

What are the sizes of plants that you prefer?

How often do you need to water your chosen plants?

Do you want a year-round or seasonal garden?

When you’re ready, buy a gardening or plant nursery catalog. Most plants will grow in a window setting, provided that the size of the plant does not go beyond its container and your window space. For best results, you will want to choose plants with lengthy flowering periods, planned arrangements or evergreens that keep the viewer’s interest over time.

When you go shopping for window flower boxes and plants, you should remember that the boxes will share similar environmental elements. The plants on the other hand will share the same conditions and soil. Thus, you should arrange your plants based on water, soil types, and sunlight requirements.


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