Adorable Rv Interior Ideas For Camping Trip15
Adorable Rv Interior Ideas For Camping Trip15

30+ Adorable Rv Interior Ideas For Camping Trip

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Back in Pennsylvania in 1967, the Coleman Company decided to begin building folding camping trailers for the sudden increase in families traveling in recreation vehicles. Over the years, Coleman Campers were known for their innovative design and engineering, high-quality manufacturing, and top-of-the-line customer service.

By 1979, Coleman campers were the best selling campers in the United States. However, Coleman campers are now known as Fleetwood Camping Trailers due to the acquisition of Coleman Recreational Vehicles by Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. in 1989. Despite the change in name, these campers are still some of the best in the business.

These campers are one of the safest folding camping trailers available. Each Fleetwood, or Coleman camper, comes equipped with tons of safety features.

All campers come with a dependable posi-lock lift system, a rugged tubular steel frame and bumper, heavy duty leaf spring suspension, durable galvanized steel side body panels, heavy duty full-perimeter aluminum body and bed rails, a reliable roof with air conditioner prep, electric brakes, positive locking safety chains, five-bolt wheels, entry step, a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, propane detector, and a fire extinguisher.

These features are just a few. It is important to know that these manufacturers are extremely serious about your safety.

Enjoying a camping trip or road trip in one of these campers is like being in a home away from home.
Some of the standard features of the best Coleman campers are a 3-way refrigerator, full storage upper galley, wide one-piece screen door, spare tire, mount, and lug wrench for flats, power converter with charger, 12V interior lighting, 12V electric water pump, exterior patio light, interior and exterior 110V outlets, and a carry-out free-standing dining table.

Additionally, most models also feature auto-shut off interior lights for setting down camper, clear window vinyl, lined window curtains, lined -bed privacy curtains, decorative valence, and supportive high-density foam mattresses.

The Coleman camper is a great alternative to camping with a traditional tent. When you go on your camping trip using a folding camper, you can still enjoy nature and the great outdoors without sleeping on the ground where insects could potentially crawl all over you, or even bite you.

Remember, sleeping in the camper is much safer than sleeping in the outdoors. Additionally, when you go camping with a trailer or camper, you also do not need to worry about any potential changes in the weather. You will be sleeping just as comfortably in a rainstorm as you would on a clear balmy night inside the trailer. In a tent, you would be soaked to the bone, or sleeping in the car.

A Coleman camper is a great alternative to the traditional tent for any camping trip. Attaching the trailer, or camper, to your truck is very easy and makes your road trip so much more convenient.
Additionally, with the camper, you have more versatility as to where you can enjoy your camping trip. You also will be able to enjoy the comforts of being at home while still enjoying a relaxing weekend in nature.


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