Pretty Landscaping Ideas For Holiday18
Pretty Landscaping Ideas For Holiday18

20+ Pretty Landscaping Ideas For Holiday

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Over the years, Menorca has grown into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Throughout the year it boasts attractive temperatures and houses numerous resorts to suit all needs. It has, however, also always attracted those interested in the island’s particular unique aspects; namely its history, wildlife and natural sights.

A Cala Galdana holiday will introduce you to one of Menorca’s most beautiful locations for beautiful beaches, angelic settings and wildlife curiosities. It is located on the south coast of Menorca, approximately 22 miles west of the capital, Mahon, and is split by the main river of the island named ‘The Algendar’. It is, by anyone’s standards, a picturesque holiday destination and its sublime landscapes present a fertile source of beauty for photographer to enjoy.

The beaches

For those on a sun-seeking Cala Galdana holiday, the most popular beach is known as the ‘The Queen of the Calas’. It offers exquisitely blue seas and pure white sands, and for the photographer wishing to capture these iconic aspects of the location’s beauty, there is no better place to start. It captures the serene delicacy in nature that Menorca is famous for and there are many different vantage points that can be utilised across the beach.

The river

Secondly, though the Algendar River does not stretch across the entirety of the island, where it does reach it serves to enhance the natural beauty of the landscape. For a creative photographer it presents a wonderful contrast to the surrounding settings. The distance it extends can easily be walked, so don’t be afraid to explore the area in depth in order to enhance your photography with the perfect location and light.

The cliffs

Cala Galdana also features some towering cliffs, from which it is possible to experience wonderful panoramas of the island. Whilst they are not all able to be climbed, there are certainly some that can be. (However, precaution is always advised.) For the ones that are pedestrian friendly, it is one of the most viable means to photograph the whole landscape of Cala Galdana. Holiday-makers on a photographic mission should make an effort to arrive at sunset for the most favourable opportunities.

The gorge

The width of Cala Galdana is constrained by Algendar Gorge – the most spectacular of Menorca’s limestone gorges. The best locations of the gorge can be found simply by walking a short distance. (Not that the length of walk should be an issue to the photographic prone individual!) This gorge is perhaps one of Menorca’s most magical natural attractions. It is well-known amongst the bird watching fraternity, but for photographers too, it offers a wealth of opportunities including numerous species of wildlife, picturesque landscapes and curious naturally occurring stone formations.


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