Comfy Mediterranean Swimming Pool Designs Ideas17
Comfy Mediterranean Swimming Pool Designs Ideas17

20+ Comfy Mediterranean Swimming Pool Designs Ideas

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It’s 40 degrees outside and you’re already onto your second icy-pole of the day. The kids are miserable and starting to fight and you can’t send them outside because the outdoor tiles are too hot for them to walk on. You can’t see how you’ll get through the rest of summer like this, until it hits you – you’ll put in a pool! Oh the pleasure you see before you, soaking all day in the cool water, the kids playing happily, neighbours popping in for dips… but where to start? There are several decisions to be made when you decide to add a pool to your home, so here are 5 tips to get you started…

Above or Below

One of the first decisions you need to make is whether or not your pool is going to be built-in or above-ground. This has a lot to do with price-it’s more expensive to have your backyard dug up-as well as space. If your backyard is sloping, you could consider a half/half option to save on money, by digging part of the way into the slope and wedging the above-ground pool into position. You could then build a wooden deck around the remaining area, making it appear built-in.


There are so many shapes to choose from when it comes to backyard pools that it’s a good idea to figure out exactly how you’re going to use your pool before you check out the range. Will you use it for exercise, mainly doing a few laps before work? Will it be mainly for the kids to play in? Do you plan on having big pool parties? Once you figure out how you’ll be using you pool you can get a better idea of which shapes best suit your needs.


How about an add-on spa area for the adults? A waterfall? What about a rock-garden or fountain? There are so many ways you can accessorise your swimming pool, and turn it into a work of art. When you’re choosing your pool, you may not be able to afford these add-ons at that moment, but consider choosing a shape and design that will allow for them later down the track!


The most important factor to consider with a pool is safety. There are certain safety regulations that have to be met when installing a backyard pool such as adequate fencing to ensure no children have access without your knowledge, and it’s a good idea to have resuscitation instructions displayed in clear view, along with a first-aid kit.

Pool Area

If your pool is going to be an entertaining area, you’ll need to think about the layout of its immediate area. You can include a barbecue area, table and chairs, even a little Bali hut for the adults to relax in while they supervise the kids! Something that can take your pool area to the next level is maintaining a design theme-you may want to deck the whole area out in sandstone pavers and give it a Mediterranean feel, or you could feel that a more sleek slate look would suit your needs. A little bit of thought in terms of design can really change the look of your pool and take it from a simple cooling-off area to an entertainer’s dream!


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