Cute Bohemian Style Decorating Ideas For Bathroom22
Cute Bohemian Style Decorating Ideas For Bathroom22

30+ Cute Bohemian Style Decorating Ideas For Bathroom

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The word funky meant ‘smelly’ as recently as the 1920’s. Nowadays it can mean different things to different people. There’s often been an association with music and the younger generation, and currently funky seems to mean youthful and trendy – cutting edge even.

In relation to bathrooms funky can be applied to unusual designs, ultra trendy modernist styles or even quirky ranges. Bathroom accessories such as funky bathroom hooks, such as those in the shape of people or icons, might be viewed as funky, but other people might think of a contemporary designer towel rack as funky.

It’s interesting how words, especially words that have changed in meaning over time, can be interpreted differently. When talking about bathrooms and bathroom style there are lots of descriptive words for design and range, such as modern, contemporary, designer, minimalist, traditional, ethnic, bohemian, vintage, elegant and luxurious.

Some bathroom manufacturers specialise in a particular style, such as trendy accessories or traditional ranges. Other manufacturers try to cover a wider spectrum. Bathroom showrooms may display products which lean more towards one particular style but most would not exclude niche styles completely.

For some while bathroom design has tended towards modern, stark ranges but there is some evidence that traditional influence is creeping back in. Those manufacturers who stayed true to their specialties will benefit for their confidence in their products.

There really is so much choice nowadays, and so much that is considered stylish. Sometimes the most attractive interiors combine styles to give us another bathroom ‘buzz word’ – eclectic.


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