Charming Bathroom Décor Ideas With Blue Colors36
Charming Bathroom Décor Ideas With Blue Colors36

20+ Charming Bathroom Décor Ideas With Blue Colors

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Need bathroom paint colors? It’s understandable. It is a common fact that many do not pay as much attention to the bathroom decorations as they do for the other rooms in the home. But just with few tricks and right techniques, you can make your bathrooms as attractive as the rest of your home. It goes without saying that blue is considered as the top favorite bathroom paint colors due to its ties to water and the calming effects.

The choices are not limited as there innumerable shades of blue which can give completely different look for your bathrooms. Some of the dominant shades of blue as per the surveys are: “cinder blue” which is a silver or gray-type blue, “deep arctic” – a shade of dusty navy, “ocean cruise” which is a tropical pastel blue, and “blue aire” which is a turquoise blue of retro ’60s.

Apart from these shades of blue, warm colors such as peach, yellows, apricots, and cream provide the warm and cozy feeling. Peach is preferred by many for the bathrooms as it goes well with the skin color and bathrooms are a regular place for shaving or applying make-up. Neutral colors are also being widely chosen for the family bathrooms as they are great at providing a peaceful atmosphere.

Few Bathroom Paint Color Tips and Tricks

* It will be ideal to go for a minimum of 3 shades and a maximum of 6 shades while painting your bathrooms. You can choose a light shade, a medium color, and the bright accent colors to finish with. The accent colors should be the darkest and can be used at least in three places within your bathroom. Though combining more number of colors can give a dramatic look, you should be careful while choosing those colors as too many cooks may spoil the food.

* The floors can be chosen a shade darker than the walls and ceilings while the countertops look great in lighter shades. The cabinet colors must be determined based on the amount of light your bathroom receives. The textures and colors in which faucets are available is endless and rich in variety; starting from the simple shades of blues, purples, greens, or black-white combination, you can come across even animal print (Safari), blue glass (Chinois), floral patterns (Watercolor and Hawaii), and so on.

* If you have chosen a bolder shade for one of the walls of your bathroom, make sure that you do not place the mirrors facing that wall as it will make the room appear darker than intended. It will be prudent to try the samples of the colors before you paint the entire wall because in certain cases like Acadia White there is a hidden tint of darker shades such as Mayflower Red which may elude the eyes if you do not try it for yourself. You can go for the semi-gloss finish bathroom paints which will reduce the effects of mildew or mold.

You can broaden your decoration for the bathrooms by concentrating even on the colors and textures for rugs, shower curtains, sink skirts, towels, window treatments, and many more.