Popular Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas31
Popular Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas31

30+ Popular Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas

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When home organization comes to mind, we typically think of many ways to improve storage and efficiency for many rooms within our homes. The family room, kitchen cabinets and pantry, bedroom and bedroom closets, bathrooms and linen closets. These are the common living areas upon which we tend to focus our efforts. On the contrary, one of the rooms we most frequently neglect is the laundry room. But there’s really no reason why we should. There are many woodworking ideas that can increase the organization and efficiency of this important area, too.

If your laundry room is small or lacks sufficient storage space, a standard ironing board may have no designated location for storage or may take up already limited space within the room when set up for ironing. An imaginative woodworker can make use of the space, no matter how limited it may be, by making a wooden wall-mounted ironing board. This corrects the issue by killing two birds with one stone, freeing up space and providing storage.

Another project to consider for laundry rooms lacking space is the addition of shelving or racks. By using the room’s walls, sturdy pieces of wood add the dimension necessary for items requiring storage, including laundry detergents, fabric softeners, home cleaning products, and so on. If it’s exposed (not contained within a solid unit, such as a cabinet), then the shelving can be as ornate or as simple as the woodworker chooses and, depending upon the wood and supplies used, is a simple enough project for a novice woodworker.

If cabinets are already in place, additional shelves or racks can be added within them to also make more available space. Not only are these simple additions with a great purpose, but they’re relatively cost-efficient because minimal supplies are needed when working with assets which are already in place.

Additional space for hanging clothes and hangars can be accomplished by mounting a wood dowel between walls. A simple wooden dowel is all it takes to add space. What a simple fix! Dowels are relatively inexpensive to purchase, and the existing laundry room walls are already in place and available to work with.

Another woodworking project to consider for the laundry room is a laundry drying rack. Working with a hardwood dowel and a few additional supplies, you can air dry your delicates, knits, or small loads. Designs for both free-standing and wall-mounted racks are available. For the environmentally conscious woodworker, consider this project an eco-friendly one. By allowing even a few articles of clothing from each load to air dry on the rack you make, the time a dryer needs to run is lessened. Consequently, this also lessens the electrical energy required for drying.

You might also consider using dowels to make a shoe rack, perhaps for dirty work boots, rain boots, or children’s outside play shoes. This could be a standard shoe rack or may be designed as a sitting booth with shoe storage underneath. Whichever design best meets your needs, encourage efficiency and tidiness by designating a spot for these items in your laundry room (or mud room).

These are just a few, innovative ways the love of woodworking can be used to better organize a laundry room. With a little patience and imagination, however, the possibilities are endless. Put them to work for you. After all, the more well-organized all the rooms of a home, the more efficient the household.


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