Awesome Distressed Furniture Ideas31
Awesome Distressed Furniture Ideas31

30+ Awesome Distressed Furniture Ideas

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Distressed furniture is an image of rugged, worn, and rustic look. Rustic furniture can add beauty and warmth to any home. To complete the look and feel you are trying to go for, consider accent tables, side tables and console tables.

Having distressed furniture in any room will create a charming and warm atmosphere for yourself and your guests. If you are looking for furniture that will hold up over time then distressed furniture is for you. Part of the great appeal is the wear and tear such as scuff’s and marks which is almost always encouraged.

Furniture that is distressed is easy to work with when designing your interior design scheme. It adds a sense of age and antiqueness. It also can give a romantic feeling to your home, and a sense of peacefulness.

Distressed furniture can come in all types of varieties of colors and finishes. Any natural wood can be distressed. Scratches, dents, worm holes, knots, often accompany a distressed appearance. Distressing will bring out the uniqueness of the bare wood that lies beneath the finished surface of a piece.

Places like Cabins, lodges, and certain mountain or country homes almost always require the distressed look. In modern times, it can be found in any home as for instance Victorian homes, which gives it a desirable trend of a relaxed comforted feeling to make you and your guests feel at ease like you are at home.

When it comes to color combination’s to all types of distressed tables, you can go basically with your gut or how you want your color scheme to appear. Yellows and blues or neutral colors are good to use depending on your style. You can also use bright bold colors or go with a natural look for distressed furniture which can go great with almost any color scheme.

It all depends on what speaks to you. Keep in mind that you don’t want to go overboard with too many extremely bright colors; you can use a neutral color scheme and add splashes of bright bold colors from accent rugs, wall hangings and other furniture such as couches and love seats. Distressed furniture works best with more neutral schemes.

No matter which color or design schemes you decide to go with just make sure that are you happy with it and do your research online and plan out what you want your home to look like.

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