Fabulous Garden Scarecrow Ideas29
Fabulous Garden Scarecrow Ideas29

20+ Fabulous Garden Scarecrow Ideas

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Many homeowners and gardeners have at some time used toxic substances to protect their plants and crops against everything from rodents to deer. Toxins have no place in a garden because they ultimately find their way into the water and soil and can potentially harm you and your kids, especially if you plant your own crops and herbs. If you have pets around the house, poisons are a serious threat to their health.

Poisons used to be popular but their effectivity is questionable since they only tend to target specific species. There are many animals that may damage your garden and which the undesirable poisons and traps are ineffective against, such as deer, dogs and cats, birds, and so on. Obviously, you want to protect your garden from all kinds of animals.

If you live in an area where deer, or rabbits are common you know how quickly these lovely animals can wreck your vegetable garden as well as decorative trees and bushes. They are cute, but a true nuisance. It is not difficult to scare deer or rabbits but turn the other way and they are back in less time than you can say “Shoo!”. Birds can be very irritating and the reflective banners we all have tried are not very effective.

Traditional scarecrows are totally ineffective because to these animals, they quickly become just another static prescience in the environment. Anyway, who wants to have rustling banners and ugly scarecrows in their garden if it can be avoided?

There is a remedy to every one of these problems in the form of the modern scarecrow which is essentially a motion activated sprinkler like the Contech Scarecrow Sprinkler. Scarecrow sprinklers have quickly become favored by residential homeowners in addition to people living in more rural areas.

The scarecrow sprinkler is a eco friendly solution since the only power it utilizes is water pressure. All you require is an ordinary water tap. It is also a humane animal deterrent as there are no poisons, no traps and the animal is simply scared away. A scarecrow sprinkler is also more effective than a traditional garden scarecrow because the spray of water it shoots has a powerful surprise effect and covers quite a bit of ground. The unit itself discrete and the mechanism is simple, making it reliable and maintenance-free.

Usage is easy:
1) Connect the scarecrow to a garden tap, for example via your garden hose.
2) Position it so that it covers an area you want to protect.
3) Open the tap. The scarecrow sprinkler is now “armed”. No water is used unless the mechanism fires.

If the motion detector in the scarecrow is activated the sprinkler shoots a quick spray of water that scares the offending animal away. This works on all kinds of animals, even birds and rodents.


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