Fancy Diy Flower Beds Ideas For Your Garden27
Fancy Diy Flower Beds Ideas For Your Garden27

20+ Fancy Diy Flower Beds Ideas For Your Garden

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How to choose a place for flower beds

Place the flower bed in front of a window or near the entrance to the house, where you can enjoy it all the time.If there is a construction next to your house, perhaps the best option for you, at least for the first year, till the construction is done, will be “flower garden in containers.”

As the containers you can use any box (ideally not less than 30 cm tall, 20-30 cm wide and any length). The container must have drainage holes. Sow seeds or seedlings to plant in them – a portable flower garden is ready. Above all, don’t forget to water the garden regularly.It is important to check that flower bed will be places on the south side (south-west, south-east will work too). Otherwise, the flowers will turn away most of the day.

Choose flowers for flower beds

How to make a flower bed blossom as early as May?

The first way – fast and cheap. Buy ready-made seedlings of annuals and perennials grown flowers with closed root system. Plants according to the height of plants – flower bed ready.

Another way – fun and economical. Grow the seedlings on their own unpretentious flowers, buy the seeds of annuals, which can be sown directly into the soil, choose in the store roots of the favorite perennials and tubercle of bulbaceous. In May, a flower bed planted with this collection of green – and the end of June we have a blooming flower garden until frost.

Tips for beginners: Sowing and planting flowers is better to do not in rows, but as a group, in this way flower bed will look much more interesting. In the first season, be sure to buy dahlia tubers, bulbs, gladioli and lilies – you will not regret! Plant them in May at your site, you will enjoy the flowering plants whole summer. Do not forget, dahlias and gladioli should be dug out for the winter. Lily is without a transplant can grow for several years. Choosing the bulbs of lilies, consider the larger the bulb, the bigger will be the plant and flower.

Perennial plants could be grown from seed or bought in the store. Also you can find grown plants with closed root system (in a pot). These plants are easy to use and they could be plant in the flower bed throughout the season. If you don’t have enough time in spring, you can always finish the job during the summer.Perennial plants have a lot of advantages over the annual ones. They need to grow and / or plant only once. And with proper care, these plants, will grow every year, and will enjoy their flowers for a very long time.

Peony, Astilbe, campion, day-lily, liatris, saxifrage, phlox, are part of the more stable perennial. Caring for them is only in weeding (especially while the plants are small, not grown), cutting off the faded blossoms (if you want to re-bloom), the winter pruning or removal of dry stalks in spring.

When choosing plants for your site, do not overlook decorative and flowering shrubs. Hydrangea, Japanese spirea and gray, bloodroot, barberry, dogwood, snowberry – those spectacular unpretentious shrubs can be planted on the far right in the flower bed plan.

How to plan a flower bed

You can simply buy the seeds and roots are well-known or favorite flowers to plant, given the high – high on the back burner, low-growing ground cover and the front. Or, if the bed is viewed from all sides, in the center – the high and lower plants – closer to the edge of the flowerbed.

But there is a more interesting way. Come up with an idea, for example, country-style flower garden and pick flowers that are appropriate for the subject, adding a fence and a couple of irons with the pitcher. Or give a bed called “Moonlight” and gather flowers with white flowers and silvery foliage.

At the same time it’s not enough just to know the height of the plants; it would be nice to know how the plant looks in nature – how much space the plant will take and other. The bags usually shown the picture of the flower, how much space plant will take, etc. Based on that information plant you flower bed.

Indicate the boundaries of a flower bed

The easiest way to dig around the flower bed borders, flower bed area separated from the lawn. Fenced flower gardens look much more impressive, giving the garden neat and kind of charm. Define the boundaries of a flower bed can be purchased fences or rocks, churbachkami of logs, low fence, dug bricks, etc.


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