Classy Bathroom Décor Ideas37
Classy Bathroom Décor Ideas37

30+ Classy Bathroom Décor Ideas

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Bathrooms are one of the hardest rooms in the house to decorate with any style. After all, most of what goes on there is private and unattractive. Thus, using decorating techniques that compliment the typically small space while making it an inviting place to shower, among other things, takes a little thought.

One of the easiest ways to decorate a bathroom as an amateur is to start with the shower curtain. This is one of the most noticeable items in the bathroom for showers without doors. The shower curtain that matches a predetermined décor may not exist anywhere outside of your head. Thus, beginning here means you will have the shower curtain that you want with a color scheme and décor that you can match as you go along.

Once you reach the conclusion of which shower curtain best fits your needs, move along to the walls. A lot of people love to hang wallpaper in their bathrooms, but it really isn’t recommended if the walls can be painted. Invariably, over time, the wallpaper on a bathroom wall begins to peel away from the high humidity of the room. Painting the walls a complimentary color (not the same color) to the shower curtain gives you the next springboard to continue your decorating ideas.

Bear in mind that people decorate in all different ways. Some people lay out every single detail first and then just go about finding what they have already decided upon. Some people work better on a step by step basis, while other decide on three or four vital elements and then add the intricate details as the project continues ahead. Which ever method works best for you should be the method of choice.

Unless your going with a fun bathroom décor, fuzzy bathmats, toilet seat covers, and other sorts of fuzzy mass produced sorts of accents aren’t really all that attractive. You want to keep a bathroom simple and allow for basic decorating. While the bathroom is the hardest room in the house to decorate, it should also be the room that is decorated with the simplest of accents. Cluttering a bathroom just makes it appear untidy.

A few simple and elegant accent pieces, especially if they are combined as a functional piece, seem to attract the eye better than accenting in the masses. If you can find a decorative toothbrush holder that matches the direction you are taking your décor, you won’t need to find a decorative piece for the vanity while adding the additional toothbrush holder. Fortunately, these things are becoming easier to find as companies are realizing that people want things such as decorative toothbrush holders.

Using neutral functional pieces, such as a teak or bamboo bath mat allows for subtle changes in the décor as you wish to change your accent pieces. This can keep a subtle room subtle or a big room big or whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish in the bathroom without requiring the chronic changing of the bath mat.

Using soft colors in the bathroom makes it more inviting. Bold colors make it feel a bit sterile and unusable. Blending soft colors throughout the room can create a very pleasant and soothing environment in which to take care of personal business.


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