20+ Cute Home Garage Design Ideas For Your Minimalist Home

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If you’re like me, the garage is the only place where I truly am king of my domain. A place to tinker, reflect or just get away from the family for a while and relax with a cold one. Great garage designs should take into consideration your exact purpose before building or remodeling.

At this stage, a bit of forethought into the interior of your garage designs will improve the overall functionality and also provide you with a pretty cool place to hang out. If you need to justify your garage designs to the wife, just remind her this is an improvement and it’s adding value to your home. That one worked for me!

Granted, the fun part is decorating the interior with all your cool stuff in the attic that you haven’t seen since college because it’s not allowed anywhere in the house, let’s not start planning all that just yet. We need to be practical first. All garage designs should start with some basic fundamentals:

Lighting: More is better. Don’t skimp here. Place them strategically to avoid dark spots. Your eyes will thank you for it. I would suggest incorporating fluorescent fixtures into your garage designs They use less electricity and help keep down the heat on hot days.

Electrical: You’re not the king of your domain if you have to yell for the wife to untangle you from several extension cords. It’s also unsafe! When reviewing your garage designs spread electrical outlets evenly throughout the garage. A few on the ceiling come in very handy.

Heat: Even warm climates get a bit chilly from time to time. Reward yourself with a good source of heat. Even the best garage designs are worthless if it’s too cold to be in! You’ll not only be more productive, you’ll be cozy while doing it.

Ventilation: Windows are king! If you’re building a garage, include functional windows in your garage designs They’re a godsend for ventilation as well as a great light source. Consider some ceiling fans. They’ll help cooling in the summer and assist in uniform heating during cooler weather. An exhaust fan will help remove fumes.

Storage: With so many storage options on the market today why is half the world spending a perfectly great weekend each spring cleaning out their garage? Research this prudently and include them in your garage designs If you’re lucky enough to have overhead storage or an attic, utilize it! Efficiency is the name of this game.

Flooring: Unless your favorite color is drab grey, most concrete floors need a makeover. Your garage designs should include a coated floor. This not only improves the overall appearance, but spills are easily wiped up. By the way, if drab grey is your favorite color, at least seal the concrete with a clear sealer.

Entertainment: Your designs aren’t complete yet. Now we’re talking fun stuff! As a true garage dweller, I consider these to be my most important tools. They calibrate my mood. A decent stereo and speakers are paramount! Trash that Dewalt radio! Don’t forget the big screen with the surround sound. Often times, it’s the only TV I’m able to wrestle away from my family. Don’t think of this as a major expense. I found a 42-inch flat screen, a great Sony surround sound receiver and speakers for a combined total of $632 on ebay. Keep your eyes open. The deals are out there

You’re now on your way to finalizing your garage designs One thing I didn’t dwell on was the decorating. It’s all individual taste. There are no rights nor wrongs, just your imagination. I suppose you could head up to the attic and get all that cool stuff you’ve missed. Once in the new garage tho, it may not be as cool as you remember. You may soon wonder why this “junk” was even included in your garage designs ..but at least you now understand why it wasn’t allowed in the house.


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