Beautiful Color Ideas For Your Stairs Decoration28
Beautiful Color Ideas For Your Stairs Decoration28

20+ Beautiful Color Ideas For Your Stairs Decoration

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When it comes to flooring options for stairs, it doesn’t end with decorations and stuff. You should definitely take into consideration the structure of the staircase as well as its functionality.

There are lots of flooring types available for stairs and these differs because of the different functions of the stairs as well as to fit perfectly with the existing decor. You should choose the type of flooring for the staircase according to its function.

Here are some of your flooring options for stairs

  1. Carpeting – this is perhaps the most popular choice for flooring. This is due to the fact that it has lots of colors and styles available, as well as patterns. Additionally, it is the cheapest option that you could have and it has this special ability; the ability to absorb sound. Its supple attributes makes it a favorite amongst buyers and homeowners and not only that, it dramatically increases the safety of the staircase. However, compared to other flooring options for stairs, it requires a lot of maintenance and cleaning because it could accumulate so much dirt and it gets easily stained and it is not easy to clean up once it gets stained. This makes it one of the most difficult options for stair flooring do-it-yourselfers.
  2. Hardwood – this is the most traditional choice if you are a bit nostalgic about things and wants ancient stuff. It also fits perfectly with most themes of d├ęcor. And because there are lots of species of wood, this makes it possible to create different color shades out of it. Additionally, you can stain it to create even more variety. This type of flooring is very tough and durable and cleaning it is a breeze. You can make it look squeaky clean in a jiffy. This makes it the perfect flooring option on areas that has high – traffic, meaning, the area experiences heavy passing of people. And you know what the best part is? When it wears out, you don’t have to replace it immediately. You could always sand it and re – seal it to make it look spanking new again. You could even install it yourself without a problem.
  3. Concrete – now, this one is the best option for outdoor stairways because of its extremely durable properties. In addition, the concrete’s color can be changed to your preferred choice or you could also emboss it with patterns to create variety out of it. However, the problem with concrete is that not all staircases could support it since concrete is a quite heavy material. Usually, if you want to carry the weight of concrete, you use a metal stringer.

So now that you know your different flooring options for stairs, the next time you need to install flooring for your stairs at your home, you know what to choose depending on the preferences that would suit your various needs. Just take a quick recap on this article and you will be doing well.


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