Simple Diy Pallet Furniture Ideas To Inspire You18
Simple Diy Pallet Furniture Ideas To Inspire You18

30+ Simple Diy Pallet Furniture Ideas To Inspire You

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What you will need:

  • 1 Reclaimed Wood Shipping Pallet
  • 1 Box of 2″ Flat-Head Nails
  • 200 grit Sandpaper
  • Hammer
  • Hand Saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Paint or Stain
  • Hand Clamp

Where to find the materials for this project:

All of the materials needed for this project, except the pallet, can be found at your local hardware or home improvement store. Finding a shipping pallet is not very difficult. Most stores receive these in excess with each shipment they receive. Call around to any local stores and simply ask if they have any shipping pallets that they need to get rid of. You will help them out by clearing some space and you get free materials for this DIY project.

Building your solid oak coffee table:

    1. Locate which side of your pallet has the best appearance; this side will serve as your table top. During shipping, many of these pallets are branded with company logos or simply scrapped up. If you want to stain your pallet be mindful of unwanted logos or scratches.
    2. Take the bottom side of your pallet, using the claw end of the hammer, remove all of the slats and cross beams leaving only the center slat intact for support.
    3. Lay the pallet topside up.
    4. Using the removed slats, fill each gap between the attached slats. Pallets are made with a gap the same size as the slats to save wood.
    5. Using the 2″ nails and hammer, nail the slats to the outer frame of the pallet.
    6. Take two of the previously removed cross beams and measure their distance marking the center with your tape measure.
    7. Cut the cross beams in half.
    8. Lay the pallet topside down.
    9. Firmly attach one section of the four cut cross beams to the inside corner of the pallet frame using the hand clamp. Nail this piece to the frame of the pallet securely. This will be one of the four legs.
    10. Repeat Step 9 for each corner of the pallet.
    11. Measure the width from the outer edge of each leg.
    12. Cut two of the left over slats the exact length of the measure taken in step 11.
    13. Nail each of these slats to the back side of you coffee table legs for added support.

Now that the coffee table is fully constructed, you can add any personal finishing touches. Sand the surfaces of the coffee table using the 200 grit sand paper. This will remove any splintering and leave a smooth surface for painting or staining. Using the paint or stain of your choice, apply a few coats to meet the hue of your favor. Let the coffee table dry over night.

Once the table is dry, bring your coffee table inside to display your craftsmanship! Saving hundreds of dollars and having a one-of-kind piece of furniture to enjoy in your home is sure to be a conversation starter.


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