Cool Indoor Stair Design Ideas You Must See04
Cool Indoor Stair Design Ideas You Must See04

30+ Cool Indoor Stair Design Ideas You Must See

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Staircases are no longer considered as something to get from one floor to another. It can enhance an interior design of a certain space and can be the main decorative source especially when you have custom newel posts. These will greatly depend on the kind of stairs you have in your house.

For those who want to add a new floor in your home, choose the best stairs that will fit the space and design of your home. Some opt for pre-fabricated stairs as the option for space saving stairs. This type of stairs is also cheap and has plenty of designs and materials to choose compared to the traditional classic stairs.

But for those who favors classic designs, these modern contemporary styles might not fit your taste. To get some ideas on the designs and materials appropriate for your home, you can start with interior designs magazines or the internet. You can also visit your local stores to get the “feel” of the stairs.

You can improve your staircase design by putting a carpet runner. To create more interest, choose for oriental type of carpets. For hardwood stairs, it would be better to place a small runner as not to overwhelm the stairs and to allow the wood to be visible.

For those who want to change their existing stairs design, there are plenty of ways to renovate it without spending more money. If you want to change from modern to classic style just simply change the banister or railings with carved hardwood. You can also add the beauty of the stairs by incorporating staircase rods. It is made of brass and is intended to keep the carpet secured and also, it has a decorative element.

Some single storey homeowners decide to renovate their home and utilize the attic by adding extra bedroom and bathroom. This type of house has an enclosed staircase leading to the attic. Majority of this enclosed staircase is covered with a wall.

Opening the enclosed stairs is part of the renovating procedure and is considers as a major renovation project. By removing the wall this will give the owner the opportunity to decorate the stairs more. Once removed, the stairs can be decorated with railings, banister and newel posts according to the desired designs.

Another thing to consider is the treads and riser of enclosed stairs. The materials are usually cheap since you don’t have to showcase the stairs to the public. But once you decide to renovate, you have to deal with these ugly treads and risers.

Even when you have incorporated beautiful railings the ugliness may still be obvious. And again, the best way to compensate this weakness is to use a carpet runner along the stairs. But if you are willing to spend more, replacing it with a better wood is a good


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