Charming Kids Bedroom Ideas With Jungle Theme To Try31
Charming Kids Bedroom Ideas With Jungle Theme To Try31

20+ Charming Kids Bedroom Ideas With Jungle Theme To Try

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Does your little one fantasize about hiking through the deep, dense rainforest and cavorting with the exotic animal friends that live there? Is he or she more comfortable surrounding by plants, tress, and other signs of nature than by the plastic and metal of the concrete jungle? If so, then give your little one nights filled with bright, sunny tropical dreams with a jungle safari theme bedroom.

At the heart of a jungle theme bedroom is a custom treehouse bed, giving your little nature lover the feeling of bedding down in a tropical rainforest each night. The foundation of a custom tree house bed could resemble the rough bark of a giant tree trunk that your little one can crawl inside, while a wooden platform at the top can be a canopy bed draped in the naturalistic forest canopy of large, shady leaves. Custom bedding for a tree house bed might look like colorful piles of fallen leaves or be covered in leafy jungle and animal prints.

Any child who would thrive in a jungle theme bedroom no doubt loves to climb and clamber around like a monkey. You can easily fulfill this need by building climbing bars and/or a climbing wall into the custom treehouse bed.

Green is the primary color of a jungle theme bedroom, with shades of brown being secondary. Create the sense of being deep in the jungle by painting the walls and ceiling with a busy, colorful mural filled with tropical plants, flowers, and trees, as well as plenty of jungle animals to scope out while on safari, including parrots, toucans, cockatoos, monkeys, lions, zebras, leopards, gazelles, giraffes, and more. Add real depth and vividness to the image by stuffing the room with large stuffed animals too.

Grassy green rugs or thick floor mats make the perfect floor coverings for a safari theme bedroom, though an area covered in hardwood (or faux hardwood to protect a child’s typically heavy wear and tear), creates a perfect space for the types of play that require a harder, flatter surface while still maintaining the fantasy image of being buried in the thick jungle foliage. And speaking of foliage, bordering the room in large, leafy plants and tress (be they real, fake, or painted on the walls) create the feeling of being enclosed, covered, and surrounded by the dense forest canopy.

For extra detail, you can also decorate a floor lamp, a television set, or other low-lying piece of furniture as a glowing campfire.

Make the magic of the tropical rainforest come alive for your little one when you transform his or her personal living environment into the natural environment of a custom safari theme bedroom.


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