20+ Awesome Scary Halloween Porch Ideas To Try Today

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Halloween has become a huge holiday. When I was a kid, it was all about homemade costumes and one night of trick-or-treating.

Today, Halloween is a full-fledged season for some families. Soon as September rolls around, people begin to plan for the holiday. Or should I say season?

We have four eerieHalloween decoration ideas for your porch here.

  1. Create a bat haven on your porch. From stiffened black felt, cut out many black bats. Try various sizes. Use a template you get online. Then using masking tape or duct tape on the back, tape the bats to the walls of your porch. Tape some to your windows and porch railings, too. Some of the bats could hang down from the ceiling using black thread. You will have an eerie porch that will be noticed for sure!
  2. Create a spider covered porch. Scary Halloween decorations are as easy as finding some super-sized spiders at your craft store or home improvement store. The bigger the better. You might even be able to find glow-in-the-dark spiders. Ewwww! While you’re at it, pick up a package or two of that fake spider web material. Stretch it in the corners of your porch to create bigger-than-life spider webs. Hang the spiders from the ceiling, the porch columns, and the walls – anywhere you want many-legged creatures.
  3. Rent a fog machine and play some creepy music. Who knows what lurks in the fog? Perhaps nothing but your trick-or-treaters will not know for sure. Playing eerie music combined with the rolling fog will create an aura of suspense and mystery.
  4. Make a crypt look like it has been opened and strategically place a Mummy on your porch, making it look like he has risen from the dead! How about hanging a couple skeletons freely from the ceiling and clothe them in a black jacket and hat? That will scare the munchkins some! Of course, play some of that eerie creepy music and imaginations will go like crazy. Include some jack-o-lanterns around the porch with electric lights.

Your porch, whether large or small, can be a very fun place to decorate for the munchkins that come knocking at your door for treats. Or is it tricks that you generously give? No matter how scary your porch is, be nice to the kids who come by! Use your imagination to create something special that they will remember for a long time.


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