30+ Stunning Diy Halloween Wreaths Design Ideas That Looks Cool

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Do you dare to make some horrible art for Halloween? We dare you! Nothing Cute allowed! UGLY or CREEPY is what we’re after here… as in HALLOWEEN!

This is creative fun for a family, a scout troop, a classroom, afterschool program. It’s a good idea to partner an adult with children 6 and under.. Get all the materials collected about a week ahead of time, and do the project a few days before Halloween… paint-drying time is needed, as you will see below, so you may need three sessions to complete the project.

Every wreath will be unique… it’s a very creative project. You could make one ahead of time so you have a sample, but remind the kids to do their own design.


3 wire hangers per wreath

Newspaper or packing paper

Hot glue gun – low temp is OK.


Black and or Orange Spray paint (a kind that holds up outside)

Decorations – such as plastic eyeballs, rubber bats, plastic spiders, and some more ugly, ugly stuff: fake worms, plastic peanuts with googly eyes, plastic cockroaches, torn up egg cartons. straw… nothing cute allowed!

How to do it:

Straighten out the hangers. You might want to use pliers. Braid them together,and make them into a wreath/circle by twisting the top hooks together.

Next tear or cut pieces of paper… about a foot long, and wide. Pinch the paper strips in the middle and crunch it up as if you were making a flower. Tuck the “paper flowers” into the little holes in the braided wires, and pull tight. Fill up your wreath to fullness!

Spray paint it! About three coats of paint is good, with about 50 minutes drying time in between. Use the kind of spray paint that holds up outside (in case of rain). Please do the spray painting outside or in a well ventilated room. Cover tables with those inexpensive plastic tablecloths.

When the paint is good and dry, attach the decorations with the hot (low temp is fine) glue gun. Just be careful not to burn yourself. Adults and older kids should be the glue gunners.

You are done! Hang it up on your front door, maybe with an orange light aimed at it.

Remember that handmade decorations are ALWAYS better, because you have the satisfaction of being creative!

If you really like doing this,do it again for Christmas with red and green paint and pretty little ornaments.


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