20+ Luxury Bathroom Décor Ideas That Looks Great

2 min read

For many homeowners, the bathroom is becoming more than just a water closet. It’s becoming a place to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Creative redesigners are taking their cues from upscale spas and hotels, making their bathrooms into a luxurious oasis in the home. These are just a few ways you can bring the dayspa into your home.

Upgrade your sink. Today, redesigning a bathroom is more than just adding a Jacuzzi tub. It’s about creating a consistent look and little touches of luxury. Many people looking to redesign their bathroom choose to install two sinks in the master bath. This can add a great sense of space to any bathroom. But today’s redesigners are also taking cues from luxury bathrooms in hotels and spas. Marble, stone, and even sculptured glass sinks add a beautiful accent to any bathroom. When considering a creative sink area, however, make sure you allow as much counter space as you’ll need

Consider lighting. Most of us catch the first glimpse of ourselves in the bathroom mirror every morning. If you like what you see, the rest of your day is just a bit brighter. If you don’t, it could put a damper on the day. But many of us don’t give much thought to the lighting in the bathroom. It needs to be bright enough to allow you to shave or apply makeup without squinting–but soft enough to flatter your face. Using frosted or coated glass bulbs can soften white light without cutting back on brightness. Consider two sconces on either side of your mirror, at eye level–this will even out unflattering shadows you’d get from an elevated light source. Avoid exposed bulbs, as these provide harsher lighting.

Stylish fixtures. The fixtures in your bathroom make a big statement about your style. Chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel are all modern mainstays. Many homeowners choose brass for a more antique look. Whichever style you choose, make sure your style is consistent both at the tap and in the shower or bath–mismatched taps can give a bathroom an unfinished look.

Steam showers. If you really want to transform your bathroom into a home luxury spa, consider a steam shower. It’s a self-enclosed unit that uses a steam generator to convert the water from your tap into steam. Steam showers are watertight, can be temperature-controlled, and are approximately the same size as a traditional shower. High-end steam showers often come with an array of features, including voice activation, massage jets and foot massagers, and even outlets for an Mp3 player, a radio, or a telephone.

Beautiful tubs. The bathtub is usually the largest piece of furniture in your bathroom–and the right one can really make a statement. A gorgeous clawfoot tub gives a sense of antique elegance. A Jacuzzi tub gives your bathroom an opulent, luxurious ambience. Sunken and elevated tubs give a strong sense of style. Some redesigners hang a pendant light over the bath to transform it from a utilitarian space into a place to relax and read.

Creative enclosures. You can make a statement with your shower by installing an attractive enclosure. Clear glass enclosures give even a small bathroom a spacious look. To really add to your bathroom’s style, look for a shape other than the traditional sheet of glass between two walls. A round or corner shower enclosure adds a serious punch to the look of your bathroom.

Luxury touches. Opulent bathtubs, creative shower enclosures, the right lighting, and designer fixtures can make a big difference in any bathroom. But to really bring a sense of luxury into your bathroom, don’t forget the little things. Heated towel rails can really make you feel pampered–there’s nothing like stepping into a warm, soft towel after a nice long soak. Bathrooms can get chilly in the winter months, so add a designer radiator that matches your décor. To really pamper yourself, spend a little extra for the softest, fluffiest towels you can find, in a color that complements your bathroom.

Installing a luxury bathroom is the perfect way to pamper yourself. And you don’t need a big budget to bring the spa into your bathroom. A Jacuzzi tub or a steam shower are wonderful additions to any bathroom–but you can give your bathroom a spa feel even with a more subtle redesign. Elegant designer taps, heated towel rails, new lighting, and soft towels are all inexpensive ways to make your bathroom an oasis in the home.