Wonderful Contemporary Dining Room Decorating Ideas To Try10
Wonderful Contemporary Dining Room Decorating Ideas To Try10

20+ Wonderful Contemporary Dining Room Decorating Ideas To Try

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The dining room is a place where tradition and old fashioned values still live in our world of text messages, Blackberries and HDTV. Families gathering together to share a meal and some conversation may seem like an outdated practice, but I’d bet it still exists in some households around the country.

And while the practice of families gathered around the dinner table may seem outdated, the dining room furniture they’re gathered around doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of contemporary dining room sets available that fit the decorating styles of the modern home. Here are some characteristics of modern dining room furniture.

The average traditional dining table is bulky, usually in the base or legs, which leads to some very heavy pieces of furniture. Another standard characteristic is some sort of ornate or embellished design feature. These can show up in the form of carved legs or bases, scrolled or up-turned legs, and tabletops with etched designs. By contrast, contemporary dining room tables can seem plain and boring, with clean lines and simple understated designs.

Where traditional dining sets employ as much decoration as possible, the modern dining set goes in the complete opposite direction, eschewing ornamentation for simplicity. The modern dining room set is sleek and sophisticated with sharp angles and geometric patterns.

It’s not just design where we see differences, however. There has also been a fundamental change in the finishes and textures and how the wood is treated and used in modern dining furniture compared to its ancestors. Older pieces tend to accentuate the wood grain with finishes in the medium to dark range, like cherry and mahogany.

Today’s dining furniture styles tend to go more to extremes as far as finishes go. For the most part, modern dining sets are either really dark, from espresso to black, or really pale, with shades of white to lighter natural finishes. There are always exceptions, of course, but for the most part, this difference holds true.

The use of engineered wood has increased over the last ten to twenty years and this has also had an effect on the look of dining room furniture. The veneers that are used so often now give the pieces a sleek, shiny finish, usually with no wood grain showing at all.

Remember that simplicity is key when looking for contemporary dining room furniture. Anything too ornate will take away from the true design of modern dining furnishings or will set the d├ęcor of you dining room off balance. And once you find the perfect dining room set, your dining room will be anything but average.


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