Awesome Bedroom Rug Ideas To Try Asap44
Awesome Bedroom Rug Ideas To Try Asap44

30+ Awesome Bedroom Rug Ideas To Try Asap

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When you lay down at night you want to fall asleep as quickly as you possibly can. The only way this will happen will be if you take the time to make sure that you have decorated your bedroom in a manner that you find both soothing and comforting. The minute you walk into your bedroom, you should immediately feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders and you’re at ease.

The perfect Persian rug will go a long way towards turning your bedroom into a haven of peace and slumber. You won’t believe how much having a beautiful carpet on the floor will help you sleep. The beauty of the carpet will help trigger lovely dreams.

When you decide that you’re going to incorporate a Persian rug into your bedroom d├ęcor, you will want to choose the rug before you shop for any other items for your bedroom. Persian rugs generally have brilliant patterns and lovely colors. By purchasing the Oriental rug before you get any other items you’ll find it’s much easier to turn your rug into your bedroom’s focal point, and to also make sure the other items in the room coordinate with the colors found in the rug.

When it comes to laying the Persian rug on your bedroom floor, you have two choices. Some people opt to spread the rug over the top bare floor. Others have decided that they really like to the way their bedroom looks when spread the rug over another carpet. Both methods can look very nice.

If you decide to use your new rug over top of the bare floor, you’re going to want to make sure you use a carpet pad beneath the rug. Not only will a good quality carpet pad make vacuuming the rug easier, you’ll also find that it helps reduce some of the wear the rug would sustain if you’d opted to skip the carpet pad.

The one thing you will want to keep in mind prior to spreading your new rug on your bedroom floor will be your pets. You want your rug to last for a very long time. Pets can be very hard on the Persian area rug. If you let your pet sleep in your bedroom, you should set up your rug so that your pets can walk around the rug instead of trodding directly over top of it. You should also make sure you pet doesn’t sleep directly on the Persian rug which can grind pet hairs into the rug and will be hard to get out.

During the day, you will want to keep the shades drawn so the sun doesn’t bleach the colors used in the Persian area rug, and it will continue to look spectacular even after you’ve been using it for years and years.


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