Charming Small Apartment Ideas For Space Saving01
Charming Small Apartment Ideas For Space Saving01

20+ Charming Small Apartment Ideas For Space Saving

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Clutter is a pretty sure-fire way of the limited space of your already diminutive home appearing to be smaller than ever so, what better way could there be of instantly making your minuscule home look bigger than to gather together some space saving ideas for de-cluttering and finding storage solutions that provide adequate homes for items that really don’t need to be on show 24/7.

There are all kinds of space saving ideas, however, apart from storage solutions – ideas for kitchen implements and small electrical gadgets to space saving ideas in the bedroom, the lounge or, in fact, for any aspect of your life. When it comes to small scale living, necessity really is the mother of invention!

Nowadays, people occupy small homes for many reasons, aside from cost. Often, those people who do live in little properties love their compact lifestyle and just need space saving ideas to make the most of what they have. Basically, clever storage solutions abound and are only limited by the boundaries of our imagination. Take, for instance, an old property that was built during the 19th century.

It may never have occurred to you, but there is considerable wasted space beneath the floorboards of older properties – in some cases, as much as 30cm which is the depth of a good-sized drawer. Obviously, if your rooms have fitted carpets or laminate flooring then this wouldn’t be a viable option. It is, however, a great idea if your rooms consist of sanded and varnished floorboards and you readily have access to beneath the floorboards.

Moving on with the idea of saving space, one particular good space saving idea is to vac-pack your clothing. This is especially good if you have seasonal clothing hanging around [literally!] which is taking up valuable space in your closet, or if, as with so many women, you have clothes that you intend to slim down into but can’t quite get the zip up comfortably quite yet! Putting the clothes you are not using everyday into a plastic bag and removing the air from it is probably one of the best ideas for saving space.

In fact, you can save as much as 75% of closet space with one of the JML Vac-Pac systems: for a reasonable price you get two bags per pack, fill each bag with clothes and then just apply the vacuum cleaner nozzle and suck out all the air. Not only does this save space, but if you iron your clothes before packing them, you will be amazed how they come out of storage completely wrinkle-free.

The kitchen is another great place for space saving ideas. One I particularly like is the Japanese coffee-toast-egg maker. This is a counter-top machine with integral functions for making toast, brewing fresh coffee and poaching eggs and, when you’re in a hurry, it’s great because it all happens together – you can get an egg on toast for the same time as it takes to brew your coffee. An idea along similar lines comes from Back to Basics, with their egg and muffin toaster.

This particular machine enables you to boil up to four eggs at the same time or, if you prefer your eggs poached, scrambled or as omelettes, you can do that too. When you get down to it, space saving ideas abound and are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination – so, give it some thought and you are almost certain to come up with some innovative ideas to save you space and time.


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