Excellent Diy College Apartment Decoration Ideas On A Budget02
Excellent Diy College Apartment Decoration Ideas On A Budget02

20+ Excellent Diy College Apartment Decoration Ideas On A Budget

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For many people, apartments are much more realistic than investing in a home. After all, it is nice to have a landlord to call when something breaks. At the same time, however, apartments are notoriously difficult to personalize. Oftentimes you’ll enter your new space to see white-washed walls and a lease that explicitly prohibits you from painting or putting any holes in said walls. It can seem difficult to change things up enough to not feel like you’re living in a college dorm for the next couple of years.

Let’s also add in the challenge of working with what is often an incredibly small space, especially if you’re living in a larger city like New York. There are ways to personalize apartments and work with this small space, however. Read on for some suggestions.

– Jazz up your sofa with statement pillows. Statement pillows add a pop of color to an otherwise boring couch. They can also spruce up a piece of furniture that may have seen better days. You can buy cheap pillows from any store and then adhere gold leaf to them in fun designs. The gold looks lux even if it was inexpensive.

– Place a curtain around your bed. This works great for if you’re in a studio space and want to separate areas, but is also just a great option for style purposes. Your bed will feel like a cozy little oasis and you’ll block out the sun when you’re trying to sleep. You can even wrap lights around the top to take your little nook to the next level.

– Save yourself money and space by simply using a bookshelf and a cool chair as a desk. You can put your laptop on the lowest shelf and pull up a chair when you’re working, and then put the chair back in a corner when you’re not. Desks are never great looking, so why not save yourself the space for something awesome?

– Make an incredibly cheap headboard. A lot of DIY headboard tutorials involve putting up frames or nailing salvaged wood to a wall, which can be a big no-no in most apartments. Instead, consider using an old door. An old door laid sideways makes an unexpected and quirky headboard. Paint it a fun color and instantly add a chic touch to your bedroom.

– Want a wall-sized statement painting, but you can’t afford it? Try using a cool shower curtain! Not only are shower curtains now available in tons of amazing prints, they’re also way cheaper than a framed piece of art. Even better for apartments, they’re lightweight and able to be adhered with Velcro strips or other adhesives that don’t require putting holes in your walls.

Think outside the box when you’re decorating your new space. No matter how small it is, there’s a way to make it your own.


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